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History & Origins - Time Lines

Netherlands – Maps:

The Zeeland Province lies in the south west corner of modern day Netherlands. The southern most section, which includes the red highlight left and above is isolated from mainland Netherlands by the Westerschelde waterway which flows through to Antwerp in Belguim. Essentially, Zeeland is a number of land masses and islands, all north of the Westerschelde being connected by bridges, dams or dykes.

Netherlands - Town Maps:

Older maps of this region have been located through “Kuyper’s Atlas” and can be accessed from the following links.

[The actual Kuyper maps are in Acrobat pdf format, but those offered here have been converted to standard jpg/gif format, quality varies.]

To view the respective maps, click on the name below, recalling these are from the Year 1866. The maps will open in their own window, simply close that window.


  57 B.C. Caesar’s invasion.
  15 B.C. Under Augustinius, the conquered territory was formed into an imperial province, Gallia Belgica, and the frontier strongly fortified.
  13 B.C. The Batavi first brought under Roman rule in the governorship of Drusus.
  69 Batavi revolted.
  3rd Century The Franks began swarming over the land, the branch that gradually overspread Gallia Belgica being the Salii from their position on the river Saale.
  695 The bishopric of Utrecht was founded by Pippin II, and the Anglo-Saxon missionary Willibrord became first archbishop among the Frisians.
  843 Treaty of Verdun, assigned central part of empire to the emperor Lothair, separating the kingdom of East Francia (later Germany) from West Francia (later France). The middle kingdom included the whole of the later Netherlands with the exception of the portion of the left bank of the Scheldt, which river was made the boundary of West Francia.
  855 Death of Lothair. Second son Lothair (825-869) receives nothern part of his father’s domain, known as Lotharii Regnum, corrupted late into Lotharingia and Lorraine.
  870 Treaty of Merssen. Lothair had no heir and this treaty divided his territory between the kings of East Francia and West Francia.
  880 East Francia acquire the whole; from 912 to 924 it formed part of West Francia.
  925 Lorraine passed in the reign of Henry the Fowler under German overlordship.
  954 Henry’s son, Otto the Great, placed it in the hands of his able brother, Bruno, archbishop of Cologne, for pacification. Bruno divided the territory into the two duchies of Upper Lorraine and Lower Lorraine. Godfrey of Verdun was invested by him with the government of Lower Lorraine



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