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Walter George Balzer was the son of Walter Robert Hugh Balzer and Zetta Geraldine St. Aubyn

Balzer ( Hadfield ) , born 1 Jun 1916 at Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Tragically Zetta died on the 9 Dec 1925 from blood poisening when she was only 34 years of

age. Her children were:

Walter George, then about 8 yrs of age.

Wallace Lionel, born 1918, died 1918.

A stillborn son.

Joyce Mary Augusta, then 5 yrs of age.

William Henry, then 3 yrs of age.

Gerald Francis, then 5 mths of age.

Gerald was born on the 23rd Jun 1925, Zetta died on the 9th Dec 1925, Zetta's mother

Helen Augusra Hadfield ( Walpole ). died on the 16th Jun 1925. Walter George Balzer

married Mary Ann Harris on the 12 Dec 1936. Children from the union were:

Robert George Balzer, born on the 30 Oct 1937.

Barry Francis Balzer, born on the 30 Oct 1938.

Joan Mary Balzer, born on the 28 March 1942.

Noel John Balzer, born on the 23rd Sep 1946.

David Charles Balzer , born on the 25th Jan 1948.

Walter George Balzer served in the Australian Infantry in the 2/11 Field Ambulance and his

Attestation form states: " his enlistment in the Armed Forces commenced on the 10 Jul 1941

and continued to the 29 May 1946". He was taken on strength on the 24 Jul 1941 and

embarked in Sydney, enroute to serve in the Middle East which included North Africa,

leaving Australia on the 1 Nov 1941. He worked in the field tending troops who were wounded

and worked in the field operating theatre.

He embarked to return to Australia on the 29 Jan 1943, disembarked in Sydney on the 27 Feb

1943. He then embarked on the 31 Jul 1943, enroute to New Guinea, disembarking at

Milne Bay on the 14 Aug 1943. Embarked in New Guinea on the 23 Jun 1944, disembarking

at Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

He was formally discharged on the 29 May 1946, having attained the rank of Sergeant, his

official service number was NX. 39538. Walter George Balzer died on the 3 Mar 1989 in

Brisbane and is interred in the Anzac section, Mt. Gravatt Cemetery, Brisbane.

Footnote: For his Service with the Army, he qualified for and was issued the following

Campaign Medals: 1. The 1939 / 45 Star.

2. Africa Star with the 8th Army Clasp.

3. Pacific Star.

4. Defence Medal.

5. War Medal.

6. Australian Service Medal for his service with the Australian Army.
Balzer, Walter George (I2129)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Balzer, Robert George (I2112)

Harry Atkyns Hadfield was the son of Henry William

Hadfield and Helen Augusta Hadfield [Walpole] and was

born on the 14th Feb 1886 at Hobart, Tasmania. His

employment in early days was a cable tram conductor in

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.Employment # was 13.

He was known to change his name and when he died he

was known as Carl Henry Hadfield. While intoxicated, he

walked off a fast moving train to his death and died

on the 18 Oct 1928.Occupation at this time was a motor

mechanic. A full Coronial report will be included with

these notes.

Harry Atkyns Hadfield married Kate Mary M'Gowan on the

31st Oct 1917 at the Catholic Church, Middle Park Melbourne,

Victoria, Australia. Children from the union were:

Zena born on the 21st Dec 1909.

Marjorie born about 1911,died aged about 14 of pneumonia.

Gwendoline St Clair born 4th Feb 1913.

Kathleen born 1st Jan 1915.

Tragically, Kate Mary died 20th Sept1921 aged 38 caused by

kidney disease and is interred at Faulkner Cemetery

Melbourne, Victoria. Her children were placed in a convent.

Harry Atkyns Hadfield remarried to Jesse Ellen Campling at

the Methodist Church, 139 Castlereagh Street Sydney on the

30th 1922. at the time of marriage, Harry was 36 years of

and Jesse was aged 40. there were two children from the union:

Bernard Henry Augustas,

Carl Henry


Held on the body of 1356 CARL HENRY HADFIELD 29 Oct 1928.




An INQUISITION for our Sovereign Lord King George .V.,taken

at the Morgue, Melbourne, Victoria, the 29th day of October,

1928 the nineteenth year ofthe reign of our said Lord

the King, by me, Daniel Berriman, gentleman,a coroner of our

Lord the King for the said state, upon the view of the body

of Carl Henry Hadfield, then and there lying dead.

Having inquired upon the part of our Lord the King,when,where,

how and by what means the said Carl Henry Hadfield came by his

death, I say that on the 8th day of October, 1928 at Prahran

in the Alfred Hospital the said Carl Henry Hadfield died from

pneumonia and cardiac failure following injuries received through

his accidentally falling from a moving train between North

Brighton and Middle Brighton on the 4th October, 1928.

In witness whereof, I, the oforesaid Coroner, have to this

Inquisition put my hand this 29th October,A.D. 1928.

D.Berriman. Coroner.

St. Kilda road station Melbourne Police District

REPORT of Const Birney 8168

Relative to the death at the Alfred Hospital of Harry Hatfield of

11 Lang Street, South Melbourne on 18/10/'28.

The Coroner
City Morgue.

1. I have to report that I this day called at Alfred Hospital and

made enquiries re the death of Harry Hatfield, 43 years,married,

who died there at 9.5pm today

2. He was admitted to the hospital at 8.5pm on the 4/10/'28,

suffering from injuries received when he fell from a moving

train at Sandringham on the 4/10/'28.

3. The relatives are aware of the death.

4. The Brighton Police have been instructed to prepare a full

report and brief of evidence for the Coroner.

5. Doctors statement attached hereto.

Robert J Birney,
Const. 8168.


This Deponent * Harry Salisbury.


on his oath saith, I am a Constable of Police stationed at Brighton.

On the 4inst, I went to the Middle Brighton railway station and I

saw the deceased lying on a stretcher near the booking office.His

face was covered with blood and he was unconcious and smelt of

drink. Dr. Player examined him and he ordered his removal to the

Alfred Hospital.I took him there and he was admitted. I have

made enquiries into his death and I have found nothing suspicious.

H. Salisbury
Const. 6907

Taken and sworn before me , 29th day of October, 1928 at Melbourne.


On Station, South Eastern District 20th October, 1928.

No. 2 Division

REPORT of H.Salisbury, Const. 6907

Relative to the death of Carl Henry Hadfield, age 43 years of 11

Lang street, South Yarra, at the Alfred Hospital 18.10.28.

The Coroner, City Morgue.

1. I have to report that about 7pm. on the 4th day of October,

1928, I received a telephone message from a railway porter stating

that there had been an accident at the Middle Brighton railway


2. I immediately proceeded to the station and on arrival there,

I saw a man lying on a stretcher in a room adjoining the booking

office. He had a wound on his forehead, a cut left knee and was


3. I was informed by Mr. Cook, Assistant Station Master, that the

injured man had fallen from the 6.20 down Brighton beach Electric

train, which arrived at Middle Brighton Station at 6.48pm.

4. The injured man was picked up at a spot 84 paces north of the

Middle Brighton Station Platform. He was lying across the inner

up rail. He was carried on a stretcher the Middle Brighton

Station by Mr. Cook and [porter] Nelson Roy McEchern,where he,

the injured man was was examined by Dr.Gray of Brighton.

5.Dr. Gray ordered the injured to be removed to the Alfred Hospital.

Later the injured man was taken to hospital in a Victorian Civil

Ambulance, and admitted, suffering from concussion, abrasions and


6. Dr.Fox who examined the injured man at the Alfred Hospital

stated that the injured man had taken drink recently.

7. The injured man, Carl Henry Hadfield, of 11 Lang Street, South

Yarra, remained unconscious until 18/10/28, when he died at

8. The deceased was a labourer, age 43 years, and has been unemployed

for a number of months. He leaves a widow, and 6 children, four

girls and two boys ages 18, 16, 14, 10, 5, and 4 years.

9. Jessie Ellen Hadfield, widow of the deceased, stated that the

deceased left home, 11 Lang Street,South Yarra, about noon on the

4th. October, 1928, in the best of spirits, He stated that he

was going to see a friend of his and get some money from him. He

did not return home and at about 8.30pm on the same day I was

informed that my husband had been injured in a train accident at

at Middle Brighton and had been admitted to the Alfred Hospital.

10. A brief of evidence will be submitted as soon as possible.

H. Salisbury,
Const. 6907.


This Deponent* Jessie Helen Hadfield


On her oath saith, I am a

widow residing at 11 Lang St.

South Yarra.

On the 19 inst. at the City Morgue, I identified the body of Carl

Henry Hadfield aged 43 years. He was my husband. I last saw him

alive on the 5th inst. when he left home. He was in good health and

spirits. He said he was going to see a friend. About 8.30pm I was

told that he had been injured and was taken to the Alfred Hospital.

He was out of employment. He was not what I call a sober man. He took

drink at times, I have seen him under of the influence of drink.

He was not worried about being out of work. There was no reason why

he should walk out of a railway carriage while it was going. He may

have a few drinks at the time. He had no worry at all and never

threatened to take his own life.


Taken and sworn before me the 29th October, 1928 at Melbourne.


This Deponent* John Ingram.


On his oath saith, I am a labourer residing at 7 Legnicourt Street


On the 4th. inst., I was a passenger on the 6.24pm down train

Going to Brighton. I was in a smoking carriage about the centre of

the train. I saw a man whom I now know to be the deceased, Carl

Hadfield. He was near the window in the pit side of the

train. He was mumbling to himself. He was travelling alone. there

was another man in the carriage with us. When the train was

between North and Middle Brighton, I saw the deceased stand up and

step out the door on the pit side of the train. there was then one

other man in the compartment. He was seated on the far side from

the deceased. I had not time to call out a warning. The deceased

was under the influence of drink. He had a bottle in his coat



Taken and sworn before me the 29th day of October, 1928 at Melbourne.


This Deponent* Francis Audubon Gray.


On his oath saith, I am a Medical Practitioner residing at 57 Church

Street, Brighton.

On the 4th inst. I was called to see the deceased at the Middle

Brighton railway station. He was unconscious and had wound on the

top of his forehead. He smelt of liquor. I ordered his removal to

the Alfred Hospital.


Taken and sworn before me the 29th day of October, 1928 at Melbourne.



on his oath saith, I am a Legally Qualified Medical Practitioner

residing at the Alfred Hospital, Prahran.

Harry Hadfield aged 43 years was admitted to the Alfred Hospital

on the Oct. 4th. 1928.

Under examination he was found to be unconscious, abrasions were

found on the buttocks and lower extremities also a small laceration

below the left knee joint.

The patient remained unconscience throughout, on Oct. 17 he developed

pneumonia. Continuous internal oxygen was applied but he died at

9.5pm on Oct 18th 1928.

In my opinion he was suffering with a fractured skull and intercranial


Death in my opinion was ultimately due to:

1.Pneumonia following injuries received.

2. Cardiac failure and exhaustion


This deponent Nelson Roy McEchen, on his oath Saith, I am a Lad

Porter, employed by the Victorian Railways.

On the 4th inst.I was on the down side platform after the arrival

of the 6.20pm train. I was told that a man had fallen from a train

and I went to a spot about 100 yards from the station and I saw

the the deceased lying between the up rail. He was clear of the

rail. I got an ambulance stretcher and he was examined by Dr. Gray

and the taken to the Alfred Hospital. I saw the train from which

the deceased was said to have fallen. It was a Tait car with

sliding doors. The line where I found the deceased is straight and

there are no points in the vicinity. That train was not checked

between North and Middle Brighton. The deceased smelt strongly of

liquor. I found a broken bottle which smelt of wine where he was



Taken and sworn before me the 29th day of October, 1928 at


Funeral notice published in the ARGUS newspaper 20th Oct. 1928.


Friends of the late Mr. Carl Henry Hadfield are informed that

his remains will be interred in the Fawkner cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence 11 Lang Street, South

Yarra, Saturday 20th October at 10am.

B.Mathews, Pty. Ltd,

Toorak Road, South Yarra.

Death Notice.

on the 18th Oct. 1928 at the Alfred Hospital, Carl Henry dearly

beloved husband of Late Kate Mary Hadfield (nee McGowan),loved

Father of her children, Zena, Marjory, Gwendaline, Kathleen.

Beloved husband of Jesse Ellen Hadfield (nee Campling) and

loved father of her children, Bernard Henry Augustas and Carl

Hadfield. Son of the late Henry William Hadfield and late Helen

Augusta Hadfield (nee Walpole) of Tasmania, aged 45 years. R.I.P.
Hadfield, Harry Atkyns (I2441)
4 ***** Edmond Hockley *****

Edmond Hockley and his wife Hannah arrived in Sydney Australia

on the 11th June 1853 aboard the ship " Harriet ".Edmond was

aged 19 at this time.
Hockley, Edmond (I2585)

Tasmanian birth records, Reel No. 120 No.1468,

reveals that Helen Augusta Walpole was born on the

20.6.1856. In her marriage record to Henry William

Hadfield, she signed her marriage record as " Mary

Augusta Walpole ",Spinister living with parents.
Walpole, Helen Augusta (I3120)
6 ***** Ann Maria Walpole *****

Ann Maria Walpole was born and baptised in 1804 in Ireland,

daughter of Lieutenant Blayney Cadwallender Walpole of the

6th. West India Regiment and Ann Peach. Full details of the

birth were not legible in the original document. W.O.42/48.

She arrived in Van Diemans Land on the 7th.May.1824, and

married Thomas Wright aged 24 when she was about 20 years

of age at St. Davids Cathedral in Hobart on the 20th November,

1824. Witness's present were Edward Atkyns, her brother and

William Henry Glover, her stepfather.See notes for Thomas

Wright for details of children. She died on the 29th July

1885, aged about 81 years, at the Parkmount residence of

E.J.Fullerton.Her husband, Thomas Wright died 28th June 1886,

at the Hill St.home of his grandson, Earnest Thomas James

Walpole, Ann Maria (I3100)

Anna [ known in the family as Nanny ] was the 6th child

of Edward Eagle and Letitia Amelia Bolton. She was born

at 9pm on the 25/11/1815 in Dublin.

Little is known of her early life or where she was educated.

At that age of 17 years she arrived in Hobart Town, on the31st

of July 1833 aboard the Transport Ship " the Enchantress ",

with her mother [ Letitia ] and her stepfather [Dr.Edward

Pilkington ], her two sisters [ Lizzie and Mary ], her two

brothers [ George and Chichester ] and her stepsister

[ Eliza Pilkington ]. Dr. Pilkington was Staff Surgeon to the

21st Regiment of Foot [Royal North British Fusiliers ].

Charles O'Hara Booth [ Commandant of Port Arthur from 1834-

1844 and who married Anna's sister Lizzie ] wrote in his

journal on the 8/8/1834, dined at Pilkington's, Lizzie

and Nanny nice girls.

Lempriere, in his journal dated 21/8/1835, wrote that Mrs.

Pilkington was riglar Irish. One of her daughters, the most

perfect beauty I have ever seen, voice rather rough. Anna is

said to have spoken with an Irish Brogue.

Anna married Edward Atkyns Walpole on the 19/1/1836 at St.

Davids, Hobart.

[ See her husbands story for their activities and movemenmts ].

Edward and Anna's children were :

Amelia Letitia Waldergrave Born 1837 Hobart, died Maria

Island 30/3/1850.

Charlotte Angelina Dysart Born 1838 Tasmania.

Laura Josephine Born 1841 Yarra Yarra Victoria

Horace Orford Born 1843/44 Arthurs Seat

Melbourne Victoria.

Edward Gloucester Born 12/9/1846. Melbourne

died at Moorina

Eliza Anna Born 1849 at Maria Island,

Tasmania, died 1/7/1934.

Robert Waldergrave Born Tasmania.

Letitia Amelia Born 1854 Tasmania.

Helen Augusta Born 20/6/1856 Franklin,

Tasmania. Died 16/6/1925


Ida Born Tasmania.

Anna died on the 13/11/1889 and was buried at Queensborough

Cemetery, Hobart.


1. Paintings of Charles O'Hara Booth and wife Lizzie

[ Eagle ] are in the Hobart Art Gallery. Proven.

2. Book on the journal of Charles O'Hara Booth, edited

by Dora Heard published 1981. [ Tasmania Hist

Research Ass. ].

Eagle, Anna Elizabeth (I2302)

Blayney Cadwallender Walpole married Ann Peach, daughter

of the widow Ann Peach, on the 14th Feb 1791 in the Church

Of England Church, in the Parish of Castlebar, County Mayo,

in Ireland.The ceremony was performed by the Rector of the

Parish, the Reverend Dr. Ellison. Present was the brides

mother, the widow Ann Peach and Blayneys sister from

London [not named], who recorded details of the ceremony

on the inside cover of Blayneys prayer book, this was then

presented to the bride.

The Deputy Chaplain of the Armagh Militia Regiment, in a sworn

Affidavit, that he had baptised a son of Lieutenant Blayney

Walpole who belonged to the regiment. The child was named

Blayney. Present at the baptism was a Mrs. Lockhead, an Aunt

of the child, perhaps the lady may have been a sister of Blayney

Snr. No date of the baptism was recorded. The second child was

Ann Maria baptised on 23rd May 1804. Other details were not

legible in the records.The third child was Edward Atkyns,

born on 1st Feb 1806, baptised 19 Oct 1806 at St. Pancras Old

Church, London County.

The name of Blayney Cadwallender Walpole was found in the 1808

British Army Lists which states " B.C.Walpole 3rd Oct 1806,

Ensign Lieutenant, Adjutant,of the 6th. West India Regiment ".

Blayney served with the Regiment at St.Lucia in the West Indies

and died on the 14th. Jul 1808 while serving with his Regiment.

Cause of death was thought to be fever.

Blayney went to St. Lucia in the West Indies, accompanied by his

wife Ann, his daughter Ann Maria and his son Blayney Jnr.Edward

did not go with his parents but he went to live with his first

cousin Charlotte Atkyns [Walpole] and her husband Edward Atkyns

at Ketteringham Manor in Norfolkshire. Charlotte was the daughter

Robert Walpole and Elizabeth of Dublin. Charlotte was also an

Actress in Drury Lane in London.

A year after Blayney died, Anne Married Captain Henry Glover of

the 31st.Regiment of Foot on the 3rd.July.1809.Prior to the

marriage, Blayney Jnr.was baptised again on the 14th.Jun.1809.

It is said that Blayney Jnr.joined his fathers Regiment about a

year after his fathers death. He died about a year later he died,

cause of death, fever was suspected.

Captain Glover with his wife Ann,his step-daughter Ann Maria who

was aged about 20, his step-son Edward Atkyns who was aged 18 and

other children from Ann's second marriage, migrated to Van Diemans

Land [now Tasmania] in the ship called Ardent, under the command

of Captain Clements, having left Dublin on the 13th Nov.1823. Its

arrival was recorded by the Hobart Town Gazette as arriving on the

7th.May 1824, with 55 passengers on board. Enroute the ship called

to Madeira and Rio.


Source of information British W/O file 42,widows applications

for pensions.Available when the widow was the wife of a serving

Officer, Deceased.



Dublin Castle 11 June 1819. Page 245.


Having laid before the Lud Lieutenant, your letter of the

26 inst, with its accompanying Affidavit herewith returned as

produced by the widow of Ensign Walpole of the 6th. West

India Regiment, in support of her claim to the pension. I am

.......... directed by state for the Secretary,

that upon paying its officers.

Signed: William.........Ens.

Document 246.

County of Mayo The Affidavit of Mrs. Anne Peach of Castlebar

in the County of Mayo, sworn before Rev I......

one of his Majesty's Justice's of Peace for the

said County.

Deponent being duly sworn on the Holy Evanglists and examined.

Saith, That she is the mother of Anne Peach, widow of the late

Lieutenant Blayney Cadwallenden Walpole, of the 6th. West India

Regiment and the Deponent Saith upon the fourteenth day of

February 1791, she was present at the marriage of the aforesaid

Lieutenant B.C.Walpole to the said Ann Peach in the town of

Castlebar and the aforesaid marriage was celebrated by the late

Rev. Doctor Ellison, then Rector of the Parish of Castlebar.

Deponent further saith that the original certificate handed to

the deponent upon that occasion was forwarded by the deponent

to the sister of the aforesaid Lieutenant Walpole then residing

in London for the purpose of having the........ of him the said

Lieutenant Walpole placed on the Compassionate List.

Signed before me this 18th day of

Signed: Ann Peach February. 1819...................

Justice of the peace.






Given by my hand February. 1819.

County of Dublin. To Wit: Document 247

This Affidavit of Mary Sheridan of

Dublin in the said County sworn before

Joseph Gabbitt, Esq.One of his Majesty's

Justices of the Peace for the said


Deponent duly sworn on the Holy Evanglist and examined, saith

that upon the fourteenth day of February 1791 according to the best

of deponents recollection and belief she was present at the marriage

of Lieutenant Blayney Cadwallenden,Walpole late 6th West India

Regiment, to Anne Peach of Castlebar in the County of Mayo which

marriage was celebrated by the late Rev. Doctor Ellison, Rector

in the Parish of Castlebar.

Signed: Mary Sheridan Signed before me this 5th. day

February, 1819.

Joseph Gabbitt.

County of Mayo : to Wit, Document 248.

Affidavit of Ann Peach of Castlebar, widow.

This deponent being duly sworn saith that she was present on the

14th. day of Feb,1791 when the Rev. Doctor Ellison, late Rector

of Castlebar, united in marriage according to the ceremonies

of the Church of England, Lieut. Blaney Cadwallenden Walpole to

Ann Peach, this deponents daughter,whose marriage was registered

in the prayer book of said Lieut. Walpole's sister where the

prayer book is now the property of this deponent.

Signed: Ann Peach Sworn before me at Castlebar,

this 30th.Nov.1818.

J.Ashe J.P. County Mayo.

Document 249.

That the Affidavit in practice is faithfully correct and that

they would consequently be considered as official, to establish

Mrs. Walpole's marriage in Ireland.




Humble servant,


Document 250.

Agreeable to the letter of the Secretary, I have got the certificate

and trust it will be sufficient. The poor child in the most miserable

situation as he not much better than naked. I return my

most gratefull thanks for your kindness in taking notice of my

............ concerning him.

I remain your ........ much obliged and very humble servant,

Harriett Lockhead.

August 6th. 1810.

He will be 18 years of age on the 1st. of next month.

Document 251.

I do hereby certify that some years ago when I was Deputy Chaplain

to the Armagh Militia that I baptised a son of Lieut. Blaney

Walpole, then of that Regiment, by the name of Blaney, and believe

him to be the same child that his aunt Mrs. Lockhead has memorated

the Commander in Chief about, given under my hand this 5th day

of August.

E.H.Dempsey, Curate of Shirlee.

Document 253.

St. Pancras, Middlesex, Register of births and baptisms 1806,

and confirms parents, birth and baptism of Edward Atkyns Walpole

registered this 20th day September 1811.

Document 254.

Dated 31st July 1811. Confirms baptism date of Anne Walpole,

daughter of Blayney and Anne Walpole. Other details are not legible.

Document 255.

Required for replacing an officers widow on the pension list.

Statement of Anne Glover (Walpole).

Document 244.

Required for placing on the pension, the widow of an officer

under the rank of Major-General, also confirmation of the death

of Ensign Blaney Walpole on the 14th July 1808, while serving with

6th. West India Regiment at St. Lucia in the West Indies.

FOOTNOTE: Document 252 was not included in the originals of

W.O. files 42/48.

Document 256.

Certificate of marriage:

Sir William Henry Glover- Dame Ann Peach.

Sir William Henry Glover; Lieutenant of the 6th. Regiment of Indra

was working in Colchester in England but went to France to get


Witnesses: Abbot Dumont


Marriage: St. Lucia Church in Normandy France 1809.

The papers were sent to the Army on 3rd.July 1811.


This information is an extract of the original document

which was written in the French language.
Lieutenant, Blayney Cadwallender Walpole (I2672)
9 ***** Captain Charles O'Hara Booth ****

Captain Charles O'Hara Booth was the son of Richard Booth

and his wife Mary Patrica,[Nee Reze] of Gibraltor. At the

age of 15 he was sent to the care of an Uncle in India,

where in August 1816, he was appointed an Ensign in the 53rd

Regiment serving at Madras. In April 1819 he returned to

England, applied for a Commision in the 21st Fusiliers and

in January 1820, joined his Corps in the Isle Of Wight,before

embarking for the West Indies. The Corps returned to England

in 1827. At Windsor he was promoted to Captain in September

1830 and two years later, embarked for Van Diemans Land in the

Georgiana, arriving at Hobart Town in February 1833. In March

1833 he was put in the Commission of peace, and appointed

Commandant of the Port Arthur convict settlement, with jurisdiction

over all stations on the Tasman Peninsula. This was restricted to

to Port Arthur and to the juvenile establishments at Point Puer

in 1840 and his designation changed to Civil Commandant under

Probation system.

Under his Command the Township of Port Arthur was laid out on an

extensive scale, harbour construction carried out and reclamation

undertaken, a government farm established at Safety Cove and the

semaphore telegraph system brought to a high degree of efficiency

for helping to arrest escapers. His administration of the convict

system was extremely efficient, his rule was impartial, never

capriciously, tyranical, and, though by present standards justice

then seemed merciless. He was as prompt to reward as to punish.

He had patient attention for the most trivial cases and used the

lash as a last resort with great reluctance. Both his personal

qualities and his administration received high praise from his

contempories. Lieut-Governor Arthur, entirely satisfied, described

him as kind and humane, active and most determined, and Lieut.

Governor Franklin was favourably impressed by his plans at Point


This juvenile reformatory was hailed by Rev. John West [q.v.] as

an oasis in the desert of penal settlement The boys were seperated

from adult prisoners, meals were adequate, habits and cleanliness were

taught, morning and Sunday schools were established, with

industrial training a special feature of the reformative process.

Booth planned disciplined routines and made daily inspections to

see that his directions were followed. After criticism was made

of his magisterial trials to enforce discipline, he dropped them

for minor offences.

Booth was married in Hobart on the 20 November 1838 to Elizabeth

Charlotte Eagle,[nee Eagle], widow of her cousin Solomon Eagle

and stepdaughter of Booth's Regimental Surgeon. In 1838 he

suffered exposure when lost in the bush for four days. His health

was undermined and he sold out from the army in 1839 and in 1844

accepted the less demanding appointment to the Queens Orphan

school, New Town. He died at his home, Stoke, New Town, on the

11 August 1851, a manwith a high integrity of purpose 'who'West

wrote, " deserves to be remembered with respect". His wife and

two daughters returned to England in 1852. T.J.Lampriere Portraits

of Captain Booth and one of his wife, the property of Mr. Bernard

Walpole, are on loan to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Information Source: Australian Dictionary of Biography
Captain, Charles O'Hara Booth (I2202)

Research has revealed that Edward Atkyns Walpole was born

on 1st Feb, 1806, baptised 0n the 19th Oct 1806, at St.Pancres

Old Church, London County. He was the son of Blayney Cadwallenden

Walpole and Ann Walpole [Peach].

He arrived in Van Diemans Land on board the Ardent with his

Step-Father Captain Henry William Glover, on 7th May 1824.

He stated he was then 18 years of age. When applying for a position

under the Government, he stated that he had received a classical

and scienctific education and that his father was Lieutenant

Blayney Cadwallendar Walpole, [late] of the 6th. West India

Regiment [CSO1/174/4215].

He was granted 500 acres on the 14th October, at Pittwater and

by March 1831, 15 acres cleared or under tillage and he had

21 head of cattle. He had also erected a dwelling house to the

value of 400 pounds, and a barn,dairy,granary and other buildings

to the value of 200 pounds. The land board recommended an additional

500 acres be granted to him. [CSO1/300/7627]. Also in the same

year, he received a 1000acre grant for having captured two aborigines

in the Black War- he being the only successful person.This grant

was " Strawberry Hill".[CSO1/300/72671 and CSO1/616/14055].

in 1836 he leased White Rock off the east coast, from the

Government. [Courier 28 October 1836.]

Walpole was appointed clerk in the Principal Supertendant of the

Convicts Office, on the death of Mr. Clitheroe. [CSO1/376/8577].

In 1836 on the 19th January, 1836. he married Anna Elizabeth

Eagle ,Parish of St.Davids, Hobart Town, County of Buckingham.

Minister was Wm. Besford. Witnesses were Edward Pilkington

[Anna's Stepfather] and William Henry Glover [Edwards Step-

Father], both of Hobart Town. Anna's Stepfather was Dr. Pilkington

of the 21st Royal North Fusiliers. [Tasmanian Mail 23rd March

1889, p30,C4] and Letitia Amelia Pilkington.[CSO1/71/100 pp


In 1837, "Strawberry Hill" was sold by order of the mortgagee.

It stated in the sale notice that it was then being used as a

station for the import and export of live stock.[Courier 6th

October 1837 p3 C4]. In the years 1837/38, he again applied

for a Government situation, but there were still no vacancies.

However in June 1839, Alexander Cheyne recommended Walpole be

appointed on trial as superintendant for the road party at

Jerusalem at a salary of 100 pounds per annum, of which the

Government approved. [CSO 5/200/4856].If he accepted the position

he must not have held it for long as he went to Port Phillip

and resided there for eight years. From 20th August, 1844, he

and George Goggs had the property Callitini, South Yarra

[including the present Botanical Gardens][Tasmanian Mail 23rd

March 1839,p30 C4 and Billis and Kenyon,pastoral pioneers of

Port Philip]. He then returned to Van Diemans land with his wife

and three children on board the Flying Fish on 19th October 1847.

[ 119/9 p346]

Walpole was appointed school master and catechist at Maria Island

on the 1st November 1847at 100 pounds per annum [ CSO 50/12/p230 ]

and in 1850 he held the same position at Impression Bay [ Blue

Books 1850-52 ]. In June 1854, he was appointed Commissioner of

the peace and in July of the same year he was appointed Assistant

Police Magistrate for the District of Franklin at a salary of

200 pounds per annum. [ CSO/24/250/10138 ]. In June 1856 he was

made deputy Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Franklin, [ Hobart

Town Gazette 3rd June 1856 p 750 ] and a Deputy Commisioner of

The Court of Requests for the District of Kingborough in August

1858. [ CSD 1/129/4743 ]. While at Franklin he was also President

of the Huon Mechanics' Institute. [ CSD 1/138/5095 ] and Captain

of the Huon Valley Rifle Club. [CSD 1/140/5155. ] He applied

for the situation as Superintendent of the Queen's Orphan

Asylum in October 1864, but was unsuccessful. His reason for

wanting a situation in Hobart was due to the impaired health of his

wife and his wish to obtain education for his children. [CSA 4/

78/247 ]. On 10th January 1867 he applied for a superannuation

allowance, being in the services of the Government for twelve

half years. His salary was 400 pounds per annum and his

allowance was to be 113 pounds and 6 shillings per annum.

to be paid to him on the 1st January. [ CSO 4/101/1167 ].

However on the 1st January 1867 he was appointed Resident

Stipendary Magistrate for the Huon as the office of Police

Magistrate of Franklin had been abolished. [ H.T.Gazette 8

January 1867 ]. He would therefore have received no allowance

still being in the employ of the Government. on 30th December

of the same year he was appointed Returning Officer for the

Electoral District of Franklin, [ H.T.Gazette 31st December

1867 p 2034 ] and on the 6th January 1868, Commissioner of the Court

of Requests, Dover [ H.T.Gazette 7th January 1868 p60 ]. He

retired 1884 [ Obituary ]. At Franklin he erected a two story

brick house with 20 acres of ground. [Tasmanian Mail 1st August

1885 p27 ]. Walpole was in Melbourne in December 1880 at an

address called Yarraville. [ CSD 13/11/98 ].

Edward Atkyns Walpole died on the 14th March 1889, aged 79 years

and a lengthy obituary in the Tasmanian Mail of 23 March

commemorates his death. His wife Anna Elizabeth died 13th November

1889 aged 74 years.

He Had three sons and seven daughters. Horace.O.Walpole was a

Landing waiter in the Customs Department, Victoria. Edward

Gloucestor, born 12th September 1846 was a Government District

Surveyer on the North West Coast. On 16th August 1877 he married

Ethel Coombes, second daughter of James Coombes, Government

District Surveyer, Longley, and formerly of Fonthill Wiltshire

England. [ Mercury 18th August 1877 ]. He died at Moorina on

the 18th January 1898.

His wife Ethel died on the 20th October, 1903 aged 58 years. Of

their children, E.A.Gwendaline born 7th October 1878, died 11th

November 1899; E.C.Blayney born 14th September 1880, died 7th

August 1899; Bernard, born born 9th September 1882, died 9th

March 1883; F.E.G.Midge born 17th February 1884, died 11th

November 1899. [Queensborough Cemetery Index ]. Robert was

a farmer in Gippsland, Victoria. [ Obituary ]. Amelia Letitia

Waldergrave, the eldest daughter died on the 30th March 1850 at

Maria Island, aged thirteen years. [H.T.Courier, 3rd April 1850 ].

Charlotte Angelina married Earnest Ross Lewen Scott,eldest son

of Dr. James Scott,R.N. at St. Davids Cathederal on 3rd March

1859 [Courier 4th March 1859 ], she died at Franklin in her 26th

year on 12th August 1864. Her Husband had died in August 1859

[ Wayn ]. Laura Josephine married Duncan McPherson, eldest son

of Duncan McPherson, merchant of Hobart Town, at St. Cathederal

on 14th November 1862. [ Mercury 15th November 1862 ]. Eliza Ann

died unmarried on 1st July, 1934, aged 85 years. Letitia Amelia

married Robert Dean and Helen Augusta married Henry William

Hadfield, son of J.S.Hadfield of Launceston on 2nd January 1883.

[ Mercury 11th January 11 January 1883. The other daughter was Ida.

Mrs.Edward Atkyns Walpole was the sister of Charlotte Elizabeth

Booth, wife of the Commandant of Port Arthur prison.

in 1898 and 1899 there was a major outbreak of epidemic preportions

of Diptheria in Van Diemans Land over a period of two years.


While living at Salt Water River, twin sons were born to

Edward and Anna, the event was recorded in Archives dated

29th October 1851.

Only one son was registered, not named, on the 27th October

1851.The child was not named and as a result, died. The

remaining child was likely stillborn.

Extract from the "Hobart Town Gazette" on Friday May 7th 1824.

SHIP NEWS: Arrived this morning from Dublin, which left on the

13th November, the ship Ardent,Captain H.Clements, having on

board 55 pasengers. The Ardent touched at Madiera and Rio on her



Roderic O'Connor, Esq. [ Owner ], Masters Arthur and William

O'Connor,the Reverend Sammuel Goate, Roman Catholic Clergyman,

Mr. Wm Bryan, Mrs Jane Bryan, Captain Henry Glover, Mrs Glover,

Misses Ann and Eliza Glover, Masters Edward and Henry Glover,

and an infant boy, Mr. Henry White, Mr Jeremiah Hatch,Mr. Francis

Hines, Mrs Chambers, Mr and Mrs.Fred Manning, and three Masters

Manning,Mr and Mrs.James George Parker and two children [ one

of whom on the passage and named after the Vessel ].Mr.Hamilton

Wallace, Mr. Francis Johnson and Mr.Joseph Barbossa.


Mr.Patrick Kane and son, Mr Charles Farrell and son, Mr.H. Martin,

Mr. James Monntgarrett, Mr.J.Wright, Mr.and Mrs. Laughlan,Reynolds,

Mr. Thos. Dunn, Mr William Tisdal, Mr John Cuff, Mr John Day and

two sons, and several others.

FOOTNOTE: Price of bread listed as: Fine loaf of 2lbs 5 pence
Wheaton 4 pence.

From the " SORAL NEWS" Monday Jan 22nd, 1855.

PORT OFFICE LAUNCESTON. Capt Drew R.N.of the Comptrollers Department

has been appointed port officer at Launceston, vice Capt Walker


SERIOUS ACCIDENT: We regret to state that a serious accident

befell Mr. Walpole, Police Magistrate of the Huon, a few evenings,

since, whilst leaving the Culloden Steamer, his foot slipped and

falling against the side of the vessel, he broke three of his

ribs, he is now, we are happy to say, fast recovering.

"TASMANIAN MAIL" 23 march 1889.

***** OBITUARY *****

THE LATE MR. E.A.WALPOLE: The following paticulars of the life

of the late Mr. E.A.Walpole, P.M. of Franklin, which have been

supplied to us will be read with interest; The deceased gentleman

who was in his 80th year at the time of his death, came to the

colony in 1824 being a fellow passenger with the Mannings,

O'Connors, Parkers and others in the ship Ardent. His stepfather,

Captain Glover, who settled " at Horsecroft, Sorel, was also a

passenger, and young Walpole who was then about 16 years of age,

went to live with him at that place. During his residence at

Soral he and his stepfather were amongst the people locked up

in the Soral Goal by the notorious bushranger Brady and his

gang, when it will be remembered by many, a "straw man" was

rigged up as a sentry at the gate, and this effigy kept the

the inhabitants at a distance for some considerable time. The

soldiers in the village at the time were also imprisoned by the

bushrangers,and in combat with the outlaws, Lieut.W.Gunn had the

misfortune to lose an arm. In 1836 Mr. Walpole was engaged with

a skirmishing party on the black line, during Colonel Arthur's

Administration and whilst out he captured two blacks, the only

ones taken during the campaign. He was publicly reprimanded

for his rashness in taking the blacks but at a subsequent period

he was granted 1,000 acres of land at Prossers Bay for his energy

in this affair. In 1839 he went to what was known as Port Phillip,

where he resided eight years upon land near the Yarra, on which

the towns of Hawthorn and Kew now stand but in conseqence of his

wife's health, he returned to Tasmania, and accepted a situation

under the Imperial Government, which he held until the year 1854,

when he was appointed Police magistrate at Franklin, Huon.While

acting in the latter capacity he performed some very arduous services

having to travel over bad roads, and across stormy waters of the

channel and bays, but in 1884 he retired on a well earned pension

and took up residence at Sandy Bay. whilst on a visit to Victoria

in 1885 he met with a accident which resulted in a broken leg

and this disaster proved very severe upon him at his advanced

age. Mr. Walpole married in 1836 to Miss Eagle, the stepdaughter

of Dr. Pilkington, of the 21st Bengal North British Fusiliers,

and together they brought up family of three sons and seven

daughters. Two of the latter are dead. Mr. H.O.Walpole, the

eldest son, is a Landing waiter in the Customs Department of

Victoria. Mr.E.G.Walpole is Government district Surveyer on the

N.W. Coast of this Colony, and Mr.R.W. Walpole is a farmer in

Gippsland in Victoria.

FOOTNOTE: Queensborogh cemetery records that Edward Atkyns

Walpole was 79 yyears of age when he died, further

research revealed that he was 18 years of age when

arrived in Van Diemans Land.

Naming tradition continued after the death of Amelia

Letitia Waldergrave Walpole at Maria Island, the

youngest son Robert became Robert Waldergrave Walpole.

The Earl of Waldergrave was married to The Duchess of

Gloucester,ie Edward Gloucester and Horace Orford as

in the Earl Of Orford, both of these appear in the

Walpole Heritage.

Tasmanian Marriage Records reveals that Edwards marriage

record shows: Reel 168 No 43/3126.

Further articule on Edward confirms Edwards birth record as

recorded earlier.

His Godmother was supposed to be Lady Charlotte Atkyns,wife of

Edward Atkyns. Edward called Charlotte Aunty, although she was

really his first cousin, once removed. Her father, Robert Walpole

was Blayney's uncle.When Charlotte's son died [ he was Edward also ]

Edward went to live with her at Ketteringham in Norfolk, where

his mother and stepfather occasionally visited them.

He left Dublin on the 13/11/1823, along with his sister, Anne Maria,

mother Anne, stepfather Captain Glover and several half siblings.

They arrived in Hobart [via] Rio aboard the ship "Ardent".

The Glover's, including Edward, settled at Horsecroft, Sorell.

During his time at Sorell, Edward and his stepfather were amongst

the people locked up in the Sorell goal by the notorious

Mathew Brady and his gang. A straw man was apparently rigged

up as a sentry at the goal and this kept the other residents at

a distance for a considerable time. During this incident Lieut.

had the misfortune to lose an arm.

On the 19/1/1836 Edward married Anna Elizabeth Eagle at St.Davids.

Edward, along with George Eagle and John Gardiner,was involved

in the "Black War" in 1830 and as a result of the part

played in the campaign and the capture of some aboriginies, was

granted 1000 acres of land at Prosser bay.

On the 27/11/1839, Edward and Anna, along with their 2 small

daughters arrived in Melbourne from Hobart Town on the Barque

"Hindostan". It appears that Walpole looked after John Gardener's

when John and Mary Gardiner moved to Bourke Street. They lived

in the cottage that the Gardiners had built on their property

at Gardener's Creek in the area as Boroodara [ Hawthorn ]. this may

be known as 26 Fordholm Rd, but Mary [Eagle] Gardener states in

her diary of 1837, that the cottage was 100 yards from the

river Yarra. the cottage became quite a social centre for the

Melbourne folk, and the garden provided vegetables to the township.

From 1840 to August 1844, Edward was a partner with George

Goggs in the crown lease of the Callitini run, South Yarra

[ which included the present day Botanicl Gardens ]. They were

later bought out by Major Alex Davidson.In about 1840 Chitchester

Eagle came to Melbourne and lived with his sister and brother

-in-law. The Walpoles were then living on a cattle station on

the Upper Yarra. By 1841 the Walpole's were living down at

Colourt [ Coolort ] a Crown Lease on the Mornington Peninsula and

were neighbours of Henry Meyrick. Anna's brother George Eagle

was also near at Teurong. They were on the verge of bankruptcy

because of the depression that hung over Western Port. Edward

must have still kept the Yarra Yarra property as in 1845 Meyricks

wrote " I must go and find Walpole who takes my horse out of

town, as I do not relish paying 3/shillings for his feed when

there is plenty of feed for nothing.

Edward and George Goggs were insolvent with liabilities of

1,887/-/- and assets of 1,412/-/-, according to the P.P.Herald,

on the 27/3/42.

Edward signed as a witness to share allocations of P.P.Bank, so

may have worked there for a time with G.B.Eagle. Edward also bought

property in Richmond from G.B.Eagle.

By 1847 Meyricks wrote in a letter home to England, " Walpole,

our neighbour at Colourt, has lost every sheep with the exception

of a hundred. He cut their throats and is gone to Van Diemans Land.

Edward and his family must have left for Tasmania in April 1847

since Sampson Lawrence of Derry had come 20 miles to say goodbye

to them before they left, around the 28th, however, Edward had

already gone to Melbourne to dispose of his station and sheep.

On his return to Tasmania, he accepted a situation under the

Imperial Government.

They were living at Maria Island in early 1848 and at a location

called Catechist in 1850 where his occupation was given as

Gentleman. He was Assistant Police Magistrate at Franklin, Hobart

around 1856 and was also a J.P. and Coroner. He later became a

full Police Magistrate at Franklin, Huon.

Edward was one of the earliest settlers in Orford, Tasmania.On

some old maps,an area was set aside for a future town to be called

Walpole in the Dover area but apparently this was not developed.

He named his home "Strawberry Hill" possibly after the home of

Horace Walpole in the U.K. Horace was the 4th Earl of Orford.

Source: Tasmanian Archives.


1. The four youngest sons of a Walpole family in Norfolk left for

Ireland and settled Athlone in the 1660's and it is through

one of their families that our Tasmanian ancestors possibly


2. Edward must have felt some connection with the U.K. Walpoles

since he named his home as above and the famous statesman

Robert Walpole, his sons were the Earls of Orford in the U.K.

Did he or some other family member name the Tasmanian towns

as Orford.

3. Edward, along with W.H.Glover witnessed the wedding to Mr.

Wright of Ann Maria, Edwards sister and daughter of Blayney


4. Details of Edwards encounter with the Brady gang are found

in the "Alexander Laing" Story family history at Bellerine

( Tasmania).

5. Edward was an official observer at the aboriginal settlement at

Oyster Cove around 1850.


1079 Blank Cross front. I.L.M.O.

Edward Atkyns Walpole,30 years

Police Magistrate at the Huon,

died March 14th.1889, aged 79

years.So loved, so mourned.

Left Side, And their Son,

Edward Gloucester, born September

12th. 1846.Died at Moorina January

18th.1898, and also of his children,

Bernard, born September 9th.1882,

Died March 9th 1883.

E.C.Blayney, C.born September 14th.

1880. Died August 7th.1899. ******

E.A.Gwendoline, born October 7th.

1878, died November 11th.1899.******

F.E.G. Midge, born 17th.1884. Died

December 12th.1899. *****

Also Ethel Walpole, mother of the

above who died 20th.October 1903,

aged 58 years.

Right Side. And Anna Elizabeth, his wife, died

November 13th.1889, aged 74 years.

Also Eliza Ann,daughter of the

above, died July 1st.1934, aged

85 years.


******* children marked thus all died in 1899 and their father

in 1898. It was during this time that there were major outbreaks of

Diptheria in Tasmania,of epidemic proportions.Was Diptheria the

cause of these deaths?
Walpole, Edward Atkyns (I3110)
11 ***** Edward Gloucester Walpole *****

Advice received from the Tasmanian Archives have indicated

that there were major outbreaks of epidemic proportions of

Diptheria in Tasmania, stated in a Board of Health records,

states that case rate was slightly higher than the previous

year, but that the mortality rate was nearly double 1899.

[ Source: Parliamentary Papers 1900 No.72.]

The cause of death of Edward and his children is not known

but Diptheria was possibly the cause.
Walpole, Edward Gloucester (I3111)

Heinrich Wilhem Balzer was born on the 4 Sept 1815,

christened on the 7 Sept 1815 and is the son of Johann

Gerhardt Balzer and Margaretha Balzer [Huppert] of Heidi

Nassua On Rhine, Germany.

On the 4 AUG 1838, He married Eva Catherina Maus, daughter

of Johann Georg Maus and Eva Elizabeth Balzer [ Faber] at

Diehardt, Nassau On Rhine Germany. Tragedy struck the

family as four of their children died early in life. These


Carl Wilhem, born on the 26 Nov 1839, died 13 Nov 1846.

Maria Dorothea Magdalena, born on the 5 Aug 1842, died

8 Aug 1845.

Karolina Catherina Elizabetha, born on the 16 Feb 1844,

died 31 Mar 1844.

Margarite Philippine, born on the 19 Feb 1849, died on

2 Aug 1850.

About a year later, Heinrich and Eva migrated to Australia on the

ship SAN FRANCISCO, departing Hamburg on the 8 Dec 1851, arriving

at Botany Bay, Sydney on the 31 Mar 1852. Both Heinrich and Eva

were 36 years of age at that time. They were accompanied by two

children who were:

Philip Edward, born on the 21 Dec 1846,aged 6 years of age.

Johann Georg, born on the 3 Jan 1851, aged 1 years of age.

Soon after their arrival in Australia,Eva, who was pregnant during

the voyage, gave birth to a son on the 20 Apr 1852, he was named

Christian. there were three additional children born in Australia,

who were:

Mary Eliza, born in 1855.

Elizabeth, born 27 Dec 1857.

Anna Katherine, born 14 Dec 1860.

Heinrich died on the 6 Apr 1866 and Eva died on 15 Jul 1901.

Both are interred at the Church Of England Cemetery at Grafton, New .
South Wales, Australia.
Balzer, Heinrich Wilhem (I2029)

Henry William Hadfield was the son of James Smith Hadfield

and Catherine Theresa Hadfield [Coglin],born on the 4 Jul

1859 at Launceston, Tasmania. BDM registration No.1125.He

married Helen Augusta Walpole,daughter of Edward Atkyns

Walpole and Anna Elizabeth Walpole [Eagle] at New Norfolk

Tasmania on the 2 Jan 1883.His occupation shown on the birth

records of some of his children, he is listed as a commercial

traveller, others as an accountant, others as a gentleman.

Henry William Hadfield was found drowned in the Derwent River,

Hobart, Tasmania.


The inquiry was held in the Police Court, in the District of

Hobart Town, Tasmania on the 28 Oct 1904 and states:Henry

William Hadfield came by his death in the waters of the Derwent

River 0n the 27 Oct 1904, between the Argyle and Dunn St Piers,

within the Port Of Hobart in the State of Tasmania.

The Jurors found that Henry William Hadfield was aged 45 years

and was found drowned. There is no evidence as how he came to

be in the water.

The verdict was handed down by 6 Jury members.

Footnote: According to the will of Catherine Theresa Hadfield

she gave Henry William Hadfield an advance of 1,250 pounds as

part of his inheretence to invest.

Children of Henry William Hadfield and Helen Augusta Hadfield

[ Walpole ] were:

Anna Linda Violet, born at Hobart on the 27 Jul 1887, BDM

Registration No.698.

Daisy Genevieve, born at Hobart 0n the 27 Feb 1895, BDM

Registration No.947.

Harry Atkyns,born at Hobart on the 14 Feb 1886, BDM Registration


Julian St. Aubyn,born at Hobart on the 8 Dec 1888, BDM

Registration No.544. Died Jan 1889.

Julian Walpole Berchman, born at Hobart on the 15 Aug 1891,

BDM Registration No.244.

Mina St. Claire born at Launcestion on the 29 Dec 1884, BDM

Registration No.51.

Zetta Geraldine St. Aubyn,born at Hobart, on the 16 May 1890.

BDM Registration No.477

Helen Augusta Hadfield died at 83 Matilda St. Bondi, Sydney,

on the 16 Jun 1925 and is interred in the Catholic Section,

Rookwood Cemetery, Strathfield, Sydney.


Very little is known of Anna Linda Violet. It is said

that she spent most of her life in a institute. Where

and why is not known.

Mina St. Clair never married, but had a adopted son

Dennis.M.Hadfield, who was a Lieutenant in the Army.

Lived and died in Hong Kong.

Daisy Genevieve never married but was jilted on her

wedding day. She was witness at her sisters wedding

when Zetta married Walter Robert Balzer.Daisy always

wore a wig because of hair loss caused by a medical

condition which was treated by Arsenic.

Julien Walpole Berchmans was known as Tom, married

Esther Connoloy as Tom.

Julien Anthony was known as Les.His son was named

was named Julien Anthony Daniel, lives in Sydney and

his profession is SEAMAN.Known as Tony.

Zetta Geraldine St.Aubyn died on the 9th Dec 1925,

cause of death blood poisoning after the birth of

Gerald Francis Balzer, her last child. It is said

that Zetta had a blood transfusion from her sister

Daisy. She was 34 yrs of age at the time.
Hadfield, Henry William (I2443)
14 ***** James Fullerton *****

James Fullerton married Adelaide Amelia Wright on the 25th April

1860, in the presence of William and John Wright.

James was murdered on the 30th August 1862. Adelaide Amelia was

born March 1834, she, together with her brothers and sisters, even

though they were born in different years,only the months of their

birth was recorded, no actual dates were recorded, she and her

brothers and sister were all baptised at the same time. At the time

of the marriage, James was 40 years of age, Adelaide would have

been about 25 years of age.All of these children were christened/

baptised in the year 1848.


Adelaide Amelia Wright was the daughter of Thomas

Wright and Ann Maria Wright { Walpole } and the

grand daughter of Blayney Cadwallenden Walpole and

Ann Peach.
Fullerton, James (I2388)
15 ***** JOHN GEORGE BALZER *****

John George Balzer was born on the 3 Jan 1851 at Reitzenhaven,

Nassau On Rhine, Germany, the son of Heinrich Wilham Balzer

and Eva Catherina Balzer [Maus]. He travelled to Australia in

the ship, San Francisco, departing Hamburg on the 31 Dec 1851

arriving in Australia on 31 Mar 1852. He was then 1 year old.

At the age of 20, John George with the consent of his mother,

married Mary Jane Armstrong who was 17 years of age, consent

was given by her father. The marriage took place on the 21

Nov 1871 at M'leods Creek, Timba, New South Wales. At the time

of the wedding, neither party had ever met or spoken to each

other. John George went to the wedding by horse back and Mary

Jane travelled by horse and buggy. there were 10 children from

the union who were:

1. Mary Katherine, born 1872, Richmond River, New South Wales.

2. Francis Elizabeth, born 1874, Richmond River, New South Wales.

3. Ethel Maude Ann, born 1876, Tenterfield, New South Wales.

4. Mabel Alice Edith, born 1878, Richmond River, New South Wales.

5. Philip Henry, born 1880, died 1886 , Richmond River, New

South Wales.

6. John George, born 1880, died 1880 , Richmond River, New South


7. Philip Edward, born 1884 , Casino, New South Wales.

8. Emily, born 1886 ,Casino, New South Wales.

9. Priscilla, born 1889 , Lismore, New South Wales.

10. Walter Robert Hugh, born 1891, Broadwater, New South Wales.

John George was involved in many business's including cordial

manufacture. John George died on the 31 Dec 1903, aged 52 years,

cause of death was heart degeneration. He is interred in The

Church Of England Cemetery Nth. Lismore. His wife, Mary Jane

lived to be 100 years of age, died on the 16 Nov 1954 at Lismore,

New South Wales, interred on the 18 Nov 1954 in The Church Of

England Cemetery at Casino, New South Wales.
Balzer, John George (I2050)
16 ***** Mary Jane Armstrong *****

Mary Jane's parents were Robert Armstrong [born Belfast]

Mary Waters [born Glasgow] and were married on the 6 Jun

1851, in Glasgow, Scotland. They migrated to Australia

and settled in the Armidale - Tenterfield area.

Mary Jane was their second born on the 18 Jul 1854, baptised

on the 12 Feb 1855 at St. Peters Parish, Armidale, New South Wales.

A marriage was arranged for Mary Jane when she was 17 years of

age to John George Balzer who was 20 years of age. Both parties,

by law required permission of the parents to marry which was

granted by Robert Armstrong [father] and Eva Balzer, mother of

John George, who went to the wedding on horse back, Mary Jane

arrived by horse and buggy. At the time of the wedding neither

had seen or spoken to each other.

Mary Jane became a widow when John George died age 52 on the

31 Dec 1903, with 8 surviving children to bring up she struggled

on until the children grew up, which was quite a feat in those


Mary Jane lived on to the ripe old age of 100 years of age and

a congratulation telegram from The Queen sent from Buckingham

Palace, a letter from the Bishop of Grafton, letters from

Australian Parliament House in Canberra and many other telegrams.

Her birthday Celebrations were deferred because of large flooding

of the Richmond River. At her party, she stood up, banged the

table with her walking stick and made a speech!!!, such a

memorable person she was. Mary Jane died on the 16 Nov 1954,

and was interred on the 18 Nov 1954 in the Church Of England

Cemetery, Casino, New South Wales, Australia.
Armstrong, Mary Jane (I1938)

Sisters name: Teresa Hadfield

Age: 22 April 1857

Fathers Name: James Smith Hadfield

Occupation: Draper

Mother's Maiden Name: Catherine Teresa Coglin

Where Born: Launceston, Tasmania

Admitted: 11th June 1894

Clothed: 12th January 1895

Professed: 14th January, 1897 formed sister 18th December, 1906

Died: 10th September 1940


S.M. Magdalena was born in Tasmania on 22nd April, 1857, and

entered the Congregation on 11th June, 1894. She was professed

on 14th January,1897. Sister had the duties of household

management at St. Vincents, Potts Point for many years and

devoted herself with energy and zeal to this work. She was

transferred to Bega for a few years and was one of the community

there when the Sisters of St. Joseph took over this work. Sister

died in Sydney on the 10th September, 1940

Source: Sisters of Charity Archives.

At 11-30 am on Monday, thirteen priests concelebrated Mass

to conclude the trilogy of well planned liturgies. Fr. Gerald

noted that it was the Feast of the Rosary and highlighted the

role of women, who like Mary had been outstanding in their

strength of purpose,allowing God to accomplish so much through

them in St. Patricks Parish. Monday was a very wet day and all

were glad to shelter in the Presbytery for the tastefully

prepared luncheon served by the ladies of the Parish. Srs M.

Carmena and M.Grata Kelly of the Sisters of Charity were back

at Bega with their former classmates and enjoyed the celebrations

as they reminisced about "the good old days" at Nazaretto.

Our records show six other vocations from the Bega District,N.S.W.

S.M. Bernard Staunton Born 1854 Professed 1879 died 1890

S.M.Vincent Heffernan Born 1867 Professed 1867 died 1949

S.M.Luigi Beck Born 1869 Professed 1889 died 1950

S.M.Benedict Joseph Hanscombe Born 1885 Professed 1917 died 1951

S.M.John Black Born 1888 Professed 1923 died 1965

S.M. LeMerci Walsh Born 1891 professed 1917 died 1977.

Of the sister who taught at Bega, only S.M.Editha Leo is alive

The sisters who pioneered Nazaretto were: Bega

M.M.Xavier Cunningham, Srs.Augustine Quinlan, Teresa Doyle and

Martha Scallan. The Archives lists the following as sisters,who

over the years have lived and worked at Bega: M. St. Paul Hooke

M. DeSales kearney, M.Kevin Purtell, M.Madgalena Hadfield,M.

Rita Crego, M.Hyacinth Noone, M.Aquin Bourke, M.Celestine Darby,

M.Augustine Quinlan, M.Thaddeus Shanahan, M.Michael Bourke, M.

Justinian Callaery, M.Vincent Carroll, M.Columba King, M.Bertrand

Fay, M.Benignus Remond, M.Scholastica Riggs, M.Marcellina Breen,

M.Isidore Downey, M.Blanding Mason, M.Petronella Carroll,M.

Callistus Crowley, M.Bernard Coffey, M.Kustka Kane, M.Theophane

Coffey, M.des Anges Stanley, M.Pacificus St.Julien, M.Aloysuis,

M.Dotothea, M.Boniface, M.Hildegrade, M.Anthony and M.Clare.

Ex-students of Nazaretto and St. Patrick's came from far and near

for the celebrations.Mrs Lawler,nee Alma Kennedy from Canberra,

Miss. Jose Finn and her sister Mary,from Sydney, Mrs. Lewis

nee Thrya McNamara, from Kirrawee, and Rita Lightfoot from

Caringbah, shared memories with former class mates Leila Smith,

Maria Bateman and others who still live in Bega.

In 1984, I had visited Bega to research the work of the Sisters

of Charity at Nazaretto and St. Patrick's.I was priveleged to

be invited back.

today. Sister is at St.brigids point, NSW.
Nun, Theresa Gertrude Hadfield Catholic (I2874)
18 ***** Thomas Wright *****

Thomas Wright married Ann Maria Walpole, daughter of

Blayney Cadwallenden Walpole and Ann Peach, born in

Ireland in 1804, other details of the baptism were not

legible in the original document { W.O.42/48 }. She

landed in Van Diemans land on the 7th May 1824. at the age

of about 20 years of age she married Thomas Wright on the

20th November 1824 at St. Davids Cathedral in Hobart.

Witness's at the wedding were Edward Atkyns Walpole,

{ brother } and William Henry Glover her { stepfather }.

Thomas was about 24 years of age at the time.

Children of the union were:

Maria Wright, born 14th March 1827, lived 4 months and died

at Newtown, birth was not registered.

Thomas Blaney, born August 1836, at Longford, died 1923.

Adelaide Amelia, born 1834, at Longford.

Elizabeth Anne, born June 1838 at Longford.

John Bell, christened 1839, died 22 April 1879.

Henry Charles born December 1844 at Longford, died 22 December


John Bell the second, born 28th January 1830.

Thomas Wright died on the 28th June 1886, aged 86 years,

His wife Ann Maria died 27th July 1885, about 81 years.


The above listed children are the grandchildren

of Blayney Cadwallenden Walpole and Ann Peach.
Wright, Thomas (I3176)

Walter Robert Hugh Balzer was born on the 30 Nov 1891 at

Broadwater, New South Wales, the son of John George Balzer

and Mary Jane Balzer [Armstrong].

He first appears in a publication called " AUSTRALIA'S

FIGHTING SONS OF THE EMPIRE", published by B.Jackson & Co.

Sydney, circ.1919, which states that " Gunner Walter Balzer

of Casino, is the son of the Late John George Balzer and Mary

of Casino.

He was married in Tasmania in June 1914. Gunner Balzer was a

trainee but bought himself outbefore the outbreak of war.

He was still attached to The Naval Reserve and was called

up to rejoin his ship in August. He has since taken part in

many engagements and has had 6 months leave in Sydney, having

his eyes attended to".

Official records released by The Dept. of Defence, Navy Office,

states the following"

A Naval record for Walter Robert Hugh Balzer, Service

number 1189, is held by the Navy. He Held the Rank of

Able Seaman [Gunner], and served in The Royal Australian

Navy as follows:

27 Jun 1911 to the 6 May 1912.

25 Aug 1914 to 30 Apr 1919.

He served in the light cruiser, H.M.A.S. ENCOUNTER, from the

20 Sept 1914 to the 25 May 1915. During that time ship formed

part of the Allied Fleet which formed part of the British Blockade

in The Bay Of Bengal and the Waters of Malaya, Java, Philippines

and South China.

With respect of his war service, Able Seaman Balzer qualified

for and was issued with campaign awards, as follows:

1914/1915 Star.

War Medal.

Victory Medal.

Walter married Zetta Geraldine St. Balzer [Hadfield] at Launceston

Tasmania on 10 Jun 1914. Children of the union were:

Walter George, born on the 1 Jun 1916,

died on the 3 Mar 1989 in Brisbane.

Wallace Lionel, born 30 Sep 1918, died on the

24 Nov 1918 in Sydney.

A stillborn son.

Joyce Mary Augusta, born on the 21 Nov 1920.

William Henry, born on the 1 Oct 1922, died

12 Aug 1980 in Sydney.

Gerald Francis, born 23 Jun 1925.

Walter died on the 12 Jun 1959 at Coraki hospital and is interred

at Woodburn General cemetery. His wife Zetta died on the 9 Dec

1925 in Sydney and is interred with her son Wallace Lionel and

her stillborn son, in the Catholic section,of the Rookwood

cemetery, Strathfield Sydney, grave No.2635.
Balzer, Walter Robert Hugh (I2131)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hodgkinson, Christopher James (I2597)


Ref.QSO 2/200 " where as James Smith Hadfield,late of the

township of Manchester in the said Country hath at this

session, been convicted of feloniously stealing from the

said George Murray, eighteen pounds in monies, his property.

This court doth therefore order and adjudge that the same

James Smith Hadfield shall be sent and transported to some

part beyond the seas for the space of 14 years next persuant

to that statue in such case made and provided.

In the indictment Rolls, Ref QJI/1205, the information is as

follows: " To Wit: The jurors of our Lord the King, upon

their oath present, that James Smith Hadfield, late of the

Township of Manchester, in the County of Lancaster, labourer,

on the thirtieth day of December, in the first year of the

Reign of Sovereign Lord William the fourth, day of December,

in the grace of God...etc with force and arms, at Manchester

in the country aforesaid, three pieces of current gold coin

of the realm called Sovereigns of the value of one pound each

of the monies of George Murray and one banknote for the payment

of five pounds,the said several banknotes being then and there,

the property of George Murray from the person of the said

George Murray, feloniously did steal,take and carry away against

the from statute in such case made and provided and against the

peace of our said Lord the king, his Crown and dignity.

Pleads guilty,transported for 14 years. [ Gorst & Birchall ]

James Smith Hadfield was transported on the convict ship,

"WILLIAM GLEN ANDERSON" departing England on the 31st May 1831,

carrying 177 male prisoners and two female prisoners,arriving

at Van Diemans Land on the 1st November 1831.Convict records

reveal that the ship arrived with 166 prisoners, no record

of the female prisoners.

James Smith Hadfield did not adapt to prison life as he was

charged with neglect of duty and insubordination for lodging

a complaint against his master that he only had bread for 5

out of 12 days. At a later time he stowed away on the ship

Cheviot in an attempt to abscond from the Colony, as a result

he was awarded an additional 2 years some of which was spent

on the chain gang. The last entry was that he was admonished

for being in a house of ill repute after hours. He was granted

a Constitutional pardon No. 2400 on the 27 April 1840.

Prior to being transported he spent some in the prison hulks

in the Thames estuary in England. James Smith Hadfield was

in stature only 5ft 4 and a quarter inches tall.

He married an Irish free settler, Catherine Theresa Coglan

who arrived in Van Diemans Land on the 4th June 1832 on the

ship the Lindsays. Among the passengers were the O'Brien

family. Veronica O'Brien later became the first Mother superior

of the Bethlehem Convent at Ashfield in Sydney. The same person

was a witness at wedding for James and Catherine. Some details

in the wedding record were false; ie James gve his age of 40

years but in actual fact he was about 44/45. Catherine listed

herself as a spinister which she was not as she had been

previously been married to William Coade on the 10th June 1834.

She was aged 20yrs and William was 30, as a result of the Coade

union Catherine had a daughter Helena Elizabeth on the 12th

March 1844 and a son James born on 31st March 1846, both being

born in Launcestion. Catherine made provisions for Helena in

her will, but not for her son. It is not known what happened

to her children.

James become a wealthy man as he had a drapery business, owned

a number of parcels of land as well as 5 houses. He died on the

31st July 1873 aged 66 years. James's obituary in the Launceston

Examiner reads reference to the lamented decease of J.S.Hadfield

of Charles Street. For many years Mr. Hadfield has been known as

one of our respected citizens. His quiet unassuming manners won

him a large amount of personal affection. As a tradesman, he was

known to be a man of sterling honesty, his word was equal to a


For reasons best known to himself, always refused to come forward

in public matters,though frequently solicited to serve as a

Alderman of the town, he preferred to work in his own way,

helping and counselling, to whom his memory will always be dear.

For the last 4/5 years his health has been failing but it is

only the last 5/6 weeks that he has been laid aside from business.

We observe that his funeral will leave Prince's Square Conregational

Church of which Mr.Hadfield was a member, on Wednesday afternoon

at 3'O clock.

His convict record in Van Diemans Land reads:

Convict No.1290 Smith. Smith James

William Glen Anderson Nov 1 1831 [ convict ship ].

Lancaster 10 Jan 1831 -14- [ sentence ]

Jun 22 1832 [ Master ], Neglect of duty, insuboardination and

conspiracy, complaint ?????. It appearing he had not conspired

other than complain against his Master for being without bread

for 5 of the last 12 days but as there is reason to suspect he

has had connection in the neighbourhood, he is related to Govt.

[ N.T.Paramond ] May 1st 1834 [ Fletcher ], absconded and found

stowed away on the vessel Cheviot with intent to abscond from

the Colony, jumped and hard labour two years, Spring Hill

Petty Sessions at 1pm + PS/July 12th 1836. Const,/ being in

a disorderly house after hours.Admon/J of P /March 7 1839 FL/

??????. Consent discharged 1pm TL 1.1.1838.

Constitutional pardon No. 2400 27th April 1840.


It is said that none of his family were aware of his convict

past. One of his daughters, Theresa Gertrude,become a Nun with

The Sisters of Charity, Potts Point in Sydney, She was Snr

Mary Magdalena with this Order.

It is believed that James Smith Hadfield was the son of Robert

Hadfield and Hannah Stansfield and is one of 5 children, others

being: John, Thomas, Ellen, and Sarah.
Hadfield, James Smith (I2449)
22 ****** PHILIP EDWARD BALZER ******

Philip Edward Balzer was the son of Heinrich Wilhem and

Eva Catherina Balzer [Maus], born on the 21 Dec 1846 in

Nassau on Rhine in Germany.

Philip came to Australia with his parents on the ship

San Fransico, departing Hamburg on the 8 Dec 1851, arriving

in Sydney on the 31 Mar 1852. Source information, Shipping

Archives, Sydney.

in 1870, Philip married Isabella Pratt at Casino. Children

from the union were:

1. Annie Christian, born 1871,died 1940.

Married Charles Valentine Vesper, at

Maclean, New South Wales.

2. Mary Eliza, born 1873.

3. Theodore Edward, born 1875 at Grafton,

New South Wales. Married M.T.Maude.

4. Henrietta, born 1878 at Grafton, New

South Wales, married Edward Drinkwater

at Casino in 1899.

5. Philip Henry, born 1881, Richmond River,

New South Wales.

6. Clarence, .V., born 1885 at Casino, New

South Wales, died 1887.

7. Edith .M. born 1885, at Casino, died at

Casino, in 1887.

8. Walter .G. born 1886 at Casino, died in


9. William,.C.R. born 1890 at Casino, died

1945, married Eileen.M. Burns at Casino

in 1917.

Philip and John Balzer had a cordial factory in the lane behind

the Tattersalls Hotel, Barker Street, Casino, in the early

1880's which became known as Balzers cordials, Casino. The

firm was later known as Balzer & C.O., which was changed to

P.H.BALZER when Philip Henry Balzer took over the management.

At the same time, Roger Jordan, who had previously worked

for Balzers, also had a cordial factory at Casino.

Philip also entered the hotel trade during the 1890's,

holding the licence of a hotel in Casino. He was also an

Alderman of the Casino Council in 1891.

Philip died on the 26 Jun 1903, his wife Isobella died on

14 Aug 1933. Both are interred at the Church Of England

Cemetery in West Street, Casino, with their daughter Edith

Maud and sons Clarence Victor and William Charles.

NOTE: Source information, some of which was supplied by

Raymond Balzer, Barrister and Lawyer, of Lismore,

where he has a legal practice.

Article compiled and written by Robert Balzer.
Balzer, Philip Edward (I2101)
23 ******* DORIS EILEEN TATE *******

A personal account of the life of DORIS EILEEN TATE, born on the 13

Oct 1906, married at the age of 21 to George Alexander Little on the

2 Jun 1928 at Nashua, New South Wales.

The following story is transcribed from notes and records kept by

Doris, from early childhood until her death.

Doris was born on the 13 Oct 1906, the daughter of Cecil Earnest Tate

and Everlyn may Tate [Sidney], she writes that my father lived at

Stanmore in Sydney, my mother lived at Auburn in Sydney and went to

the convent school there, as did all her brothers and sisters.Mother

went to school till she was 10/11, then the convent sisters told her

parents to take her from school as she knew as much as they did and

could not teach anymore. There were 9 children in the family,so

she stayed at home to help grandmother.

There were 5 boys and 4 girls. All the boys went to work in the banks.

Mother married at age 22 and she and her father went on to a farm at

Singleton.After 5 years they moved to the North Coast and went to

Treagle to work one of Davis's farms. After 5 years, they left Treagle

and moved to Corndale to live,father buying a farm there.

Teacher and mother played for the children at school concerts. There

were 6 children by this time.I was the eldest and left school while

at Possum Creek.Father used to take me to dances. Mother stayed at home

with the other children and then I found a boyfriend but I was never

allowed to go out with him unless my sister came too. During the time

we were at Corndale, I had 4 boyfriends, namely Lorrie,George,Harvey

and Mick but George was the one I finally married at Nashua Church.

He was a engineer at the Dyraaba Butter factory, so he built us a

home at Dyraaba where we remained for 8 years and then the butter factory

closed so we bought a going concern at Cawongla Road, Kyogle,we had

by then had saved enough money to buy a farm at Casino Road, Kyogle,

we then had our own cattle and after some years we had 3 children and

everything paid for. Noel went to Sydney to work, Joyce worked in

Kyogle as a telephonist and Lyn was going to high school. George got

cancer and within 2 years was dead. I carried on with the farm with

hired help for 5 years.I then sold the farm and got a job at the

Kyogle maternity hospital.I was told by the man that bought the farm,

I could live in the house as he was only putting stock on the farm and

did not need the farm at that time, but later he did, so I gave up my

job and bought a home at 20 Second Avenue, Lismore, then I had to find

a job as I was not old enough to get a pension. So I went to the

employment office but there was nothing available.A week later they

rang me to say something had come up at the hospital. I took the job

but resigned a week later as it was a job that entailed washing pots

and pans, cream cans, pie dishes and 5 gallon porridge pots that had

not been soaked,so I threw that job in after being there only a week.

I then went to work for the Hensley family, they had 5 children. I

worked from 8/30 to 5/30 for some years but also had 4 boarders and

my 2 daughters to cook for, my son was working in Sydney.

On renting the phone and after 28 years,is still working there.

While working for the Hensleys, I received a phone call from the employment

to say a job was coming up as a school cleaner, would I like it.

Although very sad at leaving them, I took the job at Whyralla Road school

and was there for 10 years. One day Mr. Watts sent one of the children

to me to say he wanted to see me. I went to his office and he said to me

I have a letter from the education Dept. which surprises me, they

say you are due for retirement,he said you are not over 65 are you?"

I said yes, Mr. Watts, I am 67 and will be ready to go. I have a fair

innings, so the teachers and staff gave me a Presentation Dinner at the

Workers Club and that ended my working days. I lived on my own in my

own home at 20 Second Avenue, until my health broke down and my eyes

deteriorated so much, I had to get meals on wheels and a lady to clean

the house once a week but in the end the Doctor said I could'nt live

on my own, so I sold my home, sharing the money 4 ways between my

three children and myself, so here I am in Maranoa with very little

sight left but trying to make the best of what I have left, with very

nice and caring people all around me.


Doris lists her brothers and sisters: Doris, Merle, Eva,Cecil,Sylvia

and Lorrie.

Her Husband George's brothers and sisters: Elizabeth,Robert,Arthur,

Sarah,Alfred, Edith and Alice.


Compiled by Robert Balzer, on behalf of Doris's children.
Tate, Doris Eileen (I3054)
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Balzer, Jennifer Margaret (I2040)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Balzer, Gerald Francis (I2022)

Joyce Mary Augusta Washington was the daughter of Walter Robert

Hugh Balzer and Zetta Geraldine St. Aubyn Balzer (nee Hadfield),

born on the 21 Nov 1920 at Leichardt, Sydney, New South Wales.

Tragically, at the age of 5 her mother, Zetta, died on the 9 Dec

1925, caused by blood poisoning after the birth of her baby,

Gerald Francis. From this time on, she and her brothers were moved

from place to place. Ultimately, she was placed with a foster

family because she was the only female,amongst a number of males,

on a farm. The foster family's name was Washington. As a result

Joyce changed her name from Balzer to Washington by deed poll in

1942. On the 26 Sep 1942, she enlisted in the AWAS (Australian

Womens Army Service) which was part of the Australian Army,

serving in Brisbane, New South Wales and Queensland. Generally she

worked in many areas ie: Signals, transport, etc. She was discharged

on the 9 Jan 1946. Her service number was QF 144118.

Joyce Mary Augusta met Jacobus Jan Francis Van Waterschoot .They

were married at St.Ita's Catholic Church at Dutton Park on the

8 Feb,1958. As a result of the union, Three children were born.

They were:

1. John Joseph, born on the 16 Aug 1959. It was not until

he was about 6 years of age that he was diagnosed

as been affected by Mild Cerebal Palsey.

2. Anne Maria, born on 7 Oct 1961.

3. Mary Alice, born on 2 Jul 1963.

Joyce's husband became seriously ill and over a number of years,

she nursed him until he died on 1 Jan 1974, aged 60 years.

Essentially, Joyce was widow, no income, with 3 children to support.

John was 14 years of age,Anne was 12 yearsof age and Mary was 10

years of age.

Joyce approached the Mater Hospital with a view to become a trainee

nurse and was accepted and ultimately graduated with Honours,which

is quite an achievement. she is to be congratulated. As the children

grew, she became involved in teaching handicraft to people who were

handicapped, has worked part time at Greenslopes Military Hospital,

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Prince Charles Hospital and Red Cross.

She also started a self help group for people who have suffered effects

of heart attacks strokes etc.This was done in conjunction with

her church at Dutton Park and she has travelled throughout Queensland

teaching craft.On 18 Jul 1990, during Senior Citizens week she

was awarded the Premiers Award for her efforts in community

service, her Citation reads "Joyce Van Waterschoot served with the

Womans Army Service from 1942 to 1946. She has been connected

with Red Cross handicraft division for 17 years, teaching disabled

people handicrafts to help with rehabilition."

She has formed a group called "Care and Recreational Activities

at her local church and is a member of the support and self help

group for stroke victims.

Mrs.Van Waterschoot has personally nursed some of her neighbours

when they have been ill, always with a willing smile and a

pair of hands that are eveready to help.

On the 16 Nov 1990, she received from Red Cross, a medal for 10

years service and the first bar to the medal for long service

of 20 years. She has also been awarded Service Award, in appreciation

of her service to Red Cross. Another award was given by the

Queensland Department of Health, in recognition of Excellance

and Dedication in the field of volunteer service.

Despite her age of 82 years she still continues to offer help and support to those

people who are in need of help and encourages them to continue on

in life.

Joyce Van Waterschoot is also the proud grandmother of four

grandchildren and is now 82, and I am sure she deserves National


John Joseph attended university, obtained a Degree in

Science and a Degree in Computer Science and works for

the Department of Defence in Electronic Archiving & Decommisioning. He regulary goes

mountain climbing in the Himilayas.

Anne Maria is a highly qualified nursing sister having

nursed in many areas.

Mary Alice is a qualified Physio Therapist and for a

many years worked at the Kings Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

She has returned to Australia because of the trouble

in Saudi.
Balzer (Washington), Joyce Mary Augusta (I892)
27 1st marriagefor Johanna.
She later married Wilhelmus v W v d G. 
Family F35
28 Alexander Independant Armstrong is the son of Robert Armstrong

and Mary Waters.
Armstrong, Alexander Independant (I1931)
29 Alice Armstrong is the daughter of Robert Armstrong and

Mary Waters.
Armstrong, Alice (I1932)
30 Ann Armstrong is the daughter of Robert Armstrong and

Mary Ann Waters.
Armstrong, Ann (I1934)
31 Anna Maria Bun re-marries to Josephus Cornelis Johannes van Remortel on29-Mar-1913.

[Ref: 25.51 14]
[Ref: ] 
Family F193
32 BIOGRAPHY: abdis van St Pierre te Reims
(als weduwe)

van Duitsland, Alpais (I1684)
33 BIOGRAPHY: abt van Saint-Quentien

BIOGRAPHY: [ref: ] 
der Karolingen, Huges (I1699)
34 BIOGRAPHY: boutelgier van Vlaanderen en ridder

van Gavere, Raas IV (I1509)
35 BIOGRAPHY: constabel van Vlaanderen en burggraaf van Cassel

van Harnes, Philippe (I1503)
36 BIOGRAPHY: erfgename van het graafschap Lomme

van Henegouwen, Symphoronia (I1630)
37 BIOGRAPHY: geadopteerd door stiefvader

van Macon en Bourgondie, Odo Willem (I1601)
38 BIOGRAPHY: geschaakt

der Karolingen, Irmingard (I1635)
39 BIOGRAPHY: graaf in Aquitanie

van Parijs, Beggo Graaf (I1686)
40 BIOGRAPHY: graaf van Condroz

van Vergy, Giselbert (I1639)
41 BIOGRAPHY: graaf van Warcq 1055-1064

van Chiny, Arnulf I (II) Graaf (I1554)
42 BIOGRAPHY: heer van Chievres, Liedekerte etc en ridder

van Gavere, Raas VI Heer (I1483)
43 BIOGRAPHY: heer van Marle en vicomte van Reims

van Roucy, Giselbert Graaf (I1587)
44 BIOGRAPHY: heer van Ramerupt en graaf van Roucy en Montdidier

Hilduin IV van Ponthieu-Montdidier V / / / (I1544)
45 BIOGRAPHY: heer van Roeulx (1165)

van Vlaanderen, Eustache II (le Valet) (I1522)
46 BIOGRAPHY: hertog van Aquitaine

van Poitiers, Willem VII (IX) (I1571)
47 BIOGRAPHY: hofmeier van Karel de Grote

van Calw, Eberhard (I1694)
48 BIOGRAPHY: hoofd van de hofgeestelijkheid koning Peppin, abt vanSaint-Riquier, geleerde, dichter en Heilige (feestdag 18-2)

van Ponthieu, Angilbert Heer (I1700)
49 BIOGRAPHY: kaizer Aken juli 817

der Karolingen, Lotharius I (I1641)
50 BIOGRAPHY: keizer

der Karolingen, Lodewijk II (I1645)

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