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- "van Waterschoot" from c:1540

The previous version of this 'tree" would link to a general compilation for female members where there was extended family.  This version has the female links to their own page.  This was done to simplify future additions.  Each female page, where one exists, will open in its own window.  Either "x" or  "close" to shut.

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Generation 10

- from Johannes Augustinus & Anna Maria de Smit

Paulina van Waterschoot  #218

Born: About 1850 in: Hontenisse

Married: Pieter Francies Lemsen on: 19-Aug-1871 in: Hontenisse

Born: About 1840 in: Graauw

Died: Before 1890

Son of: Pieter Lemsen & Judoca van Esbroek


Maria Anna Lemsen

Born: 28-Jun-1872 in: Hontenisse


Married: Pieter Jacobus van Huffel on: 09-Jun-1909

Born: About 1880 in: Hontenisse

Son of: Gerardus van Huffel & Adriana Maria Tielman

[Note: Erk kind Rosalia Maria, ingeschr BS Graauw 16-Jul-1903]

[Note: Gerardus was married to Maria Coleta van Waterschoot #1045]


Married: Charles Ludovicus Daalman on: 18-Oct-1916 in: Graauw en Langendam

Born: About 1877 in: Hontenisse

Son of: Judocus Daalman & Anna Catharina de Bakker

[Note: Bride is the widow of Pieter Jacobus van Huffel

   Bridegroom is the widower of Rosalia Hofman and Cecilia Verkruijssen]


Elisabeth Lemsen

Born: About 1874 in: Hontenisse


Married: Johannes Francies van Vliembergen on: 22-Jul-1898

Born: About 1872 in: Graauw

Son of: Emmanuel van Vliembergen & Anna Catharine Kriekaert

Mathilda Apolonia Lemsen

Born: About 1882 in: Hontenisse


Married: Alphonsus Hulshout on: 18-Jan-1907

Born: About 1881 in: Graauw

Son of: Judocus Franciscus Hulshout & Constantia Engels

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Paulina van Waterschoot  #218b

Born: About 1850 in: Hontenisse

Married: Gustave Goossens on: 23-Apr-1890 in: Steen

Born: About 1860 in: Kemseke, Belguim

Son of: <No Name> & Maria Josepha Goossens

[Note: Bride is the widow of Pieter Francies Lemsen]

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