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- "van Waterschoot" from c:1540

The previous version of this 'tree" would link to a general compilation for female members where there was extended family.  This version has the female links to their own page.  This was done to simplify future additions.  Each female page, where one exists, will open in its own window.  Either "x" or  "close" to shut.

NOTE: Numerous variations exist for the surnames contained herein.

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Generation 8

- from Joannes Baptist & Cornelia Willems

Elisabeth Wispeleers  #1901

Born: Unknown in: Hontenisse

Died: Unknown in:

With: Jacobus Hellebaert

Adriana Hellebaert

Born: Mon, 16-Dec-1715 in: Hontenisse ... (Zeeuws 420924)

Adrianus Ellebaert

Born: Wed, 07-Jul-1717 in: Hontenisse ... (Zeeuws 421699)

Elisabeth Wispeleers  #1901

Born: Unknown in: Hontenisse

Died: Unknown in:

Married: Franciscus van de Graght on: Tue, 24-Jan-1719 in: Hontenisse ... (Zeeuws 2515379)

Anna van de Graght

Born: Wed, 05-Mar-1721 in: Hontenisse ... (Zeeuws 423330)







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Judoca van de Graght

Born: Sun, 07-Nov-1723 in: Hontenisse ... (Zeeuws 424561 & 424565)

Died: 13-Sep-1748


Married: Johannes van Waterschoot on: 29-Jul-1826 in: Hontenisse

Born: 21-Nov-1725

Died: 10-Aug-1782 in: Hengstdijk


Occupation: Masonry, inn-keeper, and later contractor.

Did lots of contracts for the government.

In 1755, he also owned a shop / inn in Hengstdijk.

In 1764, he obtained permission "to sell wood, chalk & stones" in Hulsterambacht.

From 1777, he was the official "prijsmeester" (appraiser of real property).


>  Johannes van Waterschoot

Born: Sun, 26-May-1748 in: Hontenisse ... (Zeeuws 436366 & 436367)

Died: 22-Jun-1749

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