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Family Trees
- Miscellaneous "van Waterschoot"

The “trees” below comprise “van Waterschoot” or likely related entities, but a link back into the main tree has not yet been determined or assessed.

Family 1-x

? van Waterschoot

Married: “Unknown” about 1550



Amelberge van Waterschoot

Born: About 1551


Information indicates Amelberge married a Jan van der Gracht in c1575.

A son, Francis van der Gracht was born in c1576.

Francis in turned married: a (?) Wespeler but the original date offered of c1579 is obviously incorrect if other dates are correct.


Family 2-x

Christoffel van Waterschoot

Married: “Unknown”


[Was originally listed in the “Jacob Waterschoot” tree at Family 2, with no ancestors.]


Margriete van Waterschoot

Christened: 13-Oct-1695 in: Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands

Maijke (Marijke) van Waterschoot

Christened: 17-Dec-1697 in: Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands

Hendrickus van Waterschoot

Christened: 04-Nov-1703 in: Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands

Gesinne van Waterschoot

Christened: 29-Nov-1712 in: Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands


Family 5-x

Joseph Smith, The Prophet

Married: Marie van Waterschoot in: 1850 in: London, England


Name might have been John Lucie Smith.

Ref: IGI Film# 1706674, Page# 67, Ref# 14009.


Family 6-x

Petrus Franciscus van Waterschoot

Married: Eldoie van Acker on: 25-Nov-1913 in: Westdorpe, Zeeland

Born: 11-Mar-1875 in: Graauw en Langendam

Died: 23-Dec-1958 in: Terneuzen, Zeeland


Guilemette Aurelie van Waterschoot

Born: 16-Jan-1915 in: Westdorpe, Zeeland


Married: Robert Slock on: 19-Aug-1941 in: Westdorpe, Zeeland


Family 7-x

John van Waterschoot, Baron

Born: 19-Jan-1920 in: Antwerpen, Belguim

Died: 09-Dec-2000 in: Koksidje, Belguim

[Ref: Memorial Service Booklet]

Married: Louise Claes


Johan () van Waterschoot


Married: Hugy van Welde


>  Sofie ... married: Boris Wouters

       1.  Sander

       2.  Selina

>  Katrin ... married: Nikki Konovaloff

Patrick van Waterschoot


Married: Clarisse Van Hove


>  Marie

>  Leander

Karin van Waterschoot


Married: Jos Demandt


>  Ilse

>  Daan

>  Pieter

Sigrid van Waterschoot


Married: Christian Engi


>  Florian

>  Marisa

>  Noëmi


Albert () van Waterschoot

Married: Maria Ringoot


Jos van Waterschoot

Married: Maria Bresseleers


Family 8-x

Jean Waterschoodt

Married: "Unknown" on: 02-May-1753 in: Antwerpen, Belguim

Born: 08-Mar-1732 in: Antwerpen, Belguim

Died: After 1754



Andre Felicien Waeterschoodt

Isabella Theresia Waeterschoodt

Anna Therese Waeterschoodt

Anne Marie van Waterschoot


Married: Jean Baptiste van den Bosch on: 28-Jan-1788 in: Antwerpen, Belguim

Born: About 1764

Died: After 1811



Family 9-x

Laurentius Stallaert

Married: Maria Teresia Waterschoot


Died: After 1754

Cornelia Stallaert

Born: Sun, 15-Dec-1765 in: Boschkapelle ... (Zeeuws 1503942)

Augustinus Stallaert

Born: Fri, 28-Aug-1767 in: Boschkapelle (Stoppeldijk) ... (Zeeuws 1504142)

Occupation: Journalier


Married: Joanna Burm on: Sun, 18-Jun-1797 in: Graauw-en-Langendam

Born: Abt 1775 in: Graauw en Langendam

Daughter of: Jean Burm & Marie Anne Wilms

Cornelius Stallaert

Born: Abt 1770/1771 in:

Occupation: Dienstknegt


Married: Josijna Maes on: Sun, 18-Feb-1797 in: Boschkapelle

Born: Abt 1771/1772

Daughter of: Jan Francies Maes & Josijna van Esbroek

Catharina Stallaert

Born: Sun, 08-Jan-1775 in: Boschkapelle ... (Zeeuws 1503942)



"Fortiter" = "Bravely" ... The Family Motto ...

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