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Family Trees
- "Walpole / Hadfield / Balzer / van Waterschoot"


Generation 1

- The Beginning

Sir John Walpole, Knight Banneret

Married: Unknown


Thomas Walpole

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Generation 2

- from John & Unknown

Thomas Walpole  #

Married: Unknown


Received a grant of lands, houses etc from King James I, bearing date in year 1621, which lands and houses are in and near the Town of Athlone, as appears by several deeds, evidences, etc as certified by The Right Honourable Lord Lifford, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, bearing date 4th June 1771 … the original now being in the hands of The Right Honourable Sir Edward Walpole, Knight of the Bath, second son to the late Sir Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford, Prime Minister of State in England.

Thomas Walpole

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Generation 3

- from Thomas & Unknown

Thomas Walpole  #

Married: Elizabeth Dillon on: 25-Aug-1636

Daughter of:     Gerald Dillon of Kilkenny West, County Westmeath Esquire, Ireland.

Grand-Niece of: Lord Viscount Dillon of Drumrany, County Westmeath Esquire.

Thomas Walpole

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Generation 4

- from Thomas & Elizabeth Dillon

Thomas Walpole  #

Married: Susanna Knapp on: 08-Dec-1681


Sister of: Alderman Knapp of the City of Cork

John Walpole

Edmond Walpole

Born: About 1711 in: Hamme  (could be 1706 - lnk above to Jakob suggests this)

Died: 06-Oct-1778 in: Hamme

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Generation 5

- from Thomas & Susanna Knapp

Edmond Walpole #

Married: Ellinor O'Farrell on: 13-Nov-1710

Daughter of: John O’Farrell of Tirlikeen in the County of Longford Esquire.

A family of great distinction and great property in said county.

Thomas Walpole

Robert Walpole

Edmond Walpole #

Married: Nabella Saunderson

Daughter of: William Saunderson of the County of Cavan Esquire
[Widow of Francis L’E Strange of Bellmont in the Kings County, Esquire, who in turn was the son of Thomas L’E Strange of Noystown]

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Generation 6

- from Edmond & Ellinor O'Farrell

Robert Walpole  #

Married: Frances L'Estrange on: 05-Jan-1758

Daughter of: Francis L'Estrange


Robert Walpole, second son (of Edmond), the only representative of the Walpole Family of Athlone was bred to business, which he gave up upon the death of his brother (Thomas) as by that event he became possessed of a real estate in and around the town of Athlone, the antient inheritance of the family and was soon appointed one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Westmeath.

Robert Walpole

Blayney Cadwellender Walpole

Died: 14-Jul-1808 in: Saint Lucia, West Indies (possibly of fever)


Ensign Lieutenant, Adjutant of the 6th West India Regiment

Maria Walpole

Theodosia Walpole

Frances Walpole

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Generation 7

- from Robert & Frances L'Estrange

Blayney Cadwallender Walpole  #

Married: Ann Peach on: 14-Feb-1791 in: Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland

Born: Abt 1770

Died: Abt Nov-1837

Daughter of: The Widow, Ann Peach


After the death of her husband in 1808, Ann Peach married Capt Sir William Henry Glover, of the 31st Regiment of Foot on 03-Jul-1809.


Capt Glover, wife Ann, step-daughter Ann Maria (aged 20), step-son Edward (aged 18) and other children from their marriage, migrated to Van Dieman’s Land in the ship Ardent, leaving Dublin on 13-Nov-1823, arriving 07-May-1824 via Madiera and Rio.

Settled at Horsecroft, Sorell, Van Dieman's Land (now known as Tasmania).

Blayney Walpole (Junior)

Born:           Possibly 1791/1792

Re-Christen: 14-Jun-1809

Died:            Abt 1810 (of fever?)


Joined his father's regiment about a year after the death of his father.

Ann Maria Walpole

Christen: 23-May-1804 in: Ireland

Died:       29-Jul-1895 in: Parkmount, Tasmania


Married: Thomas Wrigth on 20-Nov-1824 in: Hobart, Tasmania

Born: Abt 1800

Died: 28-Jun-1886 at Hill Street home of grandson Earnest Thomas James Fullerton

Edward Atkyns Walpole

Born:      01-Sep-1806 in: Great Britain

Christen: 19-Oct-1806 in: St Pancreas Old Church, London County, Great Britain

Died:       14-Mar-1889 in: Hobart, Tasmania

Buried:     Queensborough Cemetery, Hobart, Tasmania

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Generation 8

- from Blayney Cadwallender & Ann Peach

Edward Atkyns Walpole #1927

Married: Anna Elizabeth Eagle on: 19-Jan-1836 in: Parish of St Davids, Hobart Town, Tasmania

Born: 25-Nov-1815 in: Dublin, Ireland

Died: 13-Nov-1889 in: Hobart, Tasmania


Daughter of: Edward Eagle & Letitia Amelia Bolton

Step-daugther of: Dr Pilkington, Staff Surgeon 21st Regiment of Foot (Royal North British Fusiliers)


Arrived Hobart Town on 31-Jul-1833 aboard transport ship “The Enchatress” with her mother Letitia, step-father Dr Edward Pilkington, two sisters Lizzie and Mary, two brothers George and Chicester and step-sister Eliza Pilkington.

Edward was granted 500 acres land on 14-Oct at Pittwater and by Mar-1831 had 15 acres cleared and under tilage and also had 21 head of cattle. A dwelling house, to value of 400 pounds erected.
A barn, dairy, granary and other buildings to value 200 pounds also erected.
The Land Board recommended an additional 500 acres be granted.
He also received a 1,000 acre grant for the capture of two aborigines in the Black War in 1830.
This grant was “Strawberry Hill” at Prossers Bay. It was sold in 1837 by order of the mortgagee.

Edward held many positions in various occupations.

Naming tradition continued after the death of Amelia Letitia Waldergrave Walpole at Maria Island.
The youngest son Robert became Robert Waldergrave Walpole.
The Earl of Waldergrave was married to the Duchess of Gloucester, hence Edward Gloucester Walpole.
And Horace Orford Walpole as in the Earl of Orford.
Both of these appear in the Walpole Heritage.


Amelia Letitia Waldergrave Walpole

Born: 04-Dec-1836 in: Hobart, Tasmania

Died: 30-Mar-1850 at: Maria Island, Tasmania

Charlotte Angelina Dysart Walpole

Born: 01-Jan-1839 in: Sorrell, Tasmania

Died: 12-Aug-1864 in: Franklin, Tasmania


Married: Ernest Ross Lewen Scott on: 03-Mar-1854 at: St David's Cathedral

Son of: Dr James Scott RN

Died: Aug-1859

Laura Josephine Walpole

Born: 26-May-1841 in: Melbourne, Victoria


Married: Duncan McPherson on: 14-Nov-1862

Son of: Duncan McPherson (merchart of Hobart Town)

Horace Orford Walpole

Born: 1844 in: Arthurs Seat, Melbourne, Victoria


Married: Emma Mills in: 1875

Edward Gloucester Walpole

Born: 12-Sep-1846 in: Melbourne, Victoria

Died: 18-Jan-1898 at: Moorina


Married: Ethel Coombs on: 16-Aug-1877

Eliza Anne Walpole

Born: 19-Feb-1848 on: Maria Island, Tasmania

Died: 01-Jul-1934 in: Hobart, Tasmania

(Twin Boys) Walpole

Born: 27-Oct-1851 in: Tasmania

Died: 27-Oct-1851 in: Tasmania

Robert Waldergrave Walpole

Born: 1853 in: Melbourne, Victoria

Died: 1935 at: Gippsland, Victoria


Married: Emma Jane Catchpole in: 1875 in: Melbourne, Victoria

Letitia Amelia Walpole

Born: 27-Jan-1854 in: Tasman, Tasmania


Married: Robert William Dean on: 27-Oct-1881

Helen Augusta Walpole

Born: 20-Jun-1856 in: Franklin, Tasmania

Died: 16-Jun-1925 at: 83 Matilda Street, Bondi, New South Wales

Ida Mathilda Walpole


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Generation 8

- from Edward Atkyns & Anna Elizabeth Eagle

Helen Augusta Walpole #1920

Married: Henry William Hadfield


Mina St Clair Hadfield

Born: 1884

Carl Henry (Harry Atkyns) Hadfield

Born: 1886

Died: 1928

Anna Linda Violet Hadfield

Born: 1887

Daisy Genevieve Hadfield

Born: 1895

Julian St Aubyn Hadfield

Born: 1888

Died: 1889

Zetta Geraldine St Aubyn Hadfield

Born: 16-May-1890 in: Sandy Bay, Tasmania

Died: 09-Dec-1925 in: Sydney, New South Wales (blood poisoning)

Julian Walpole Berchman Hadfield

Born: 1891

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Generation 9

- Helen Augusta Walpole & Henry William Hadfield

Zetta Geraldine St Aubyn Hadfield  #1914

Married: Walter Robert Hugh Balzer on: 10-Feb-1914 in: Launceston, Tasmania

Son of: Walter Robert Hugh Balzer & Mary Jane Armstrong


Born: 30-Nov-1891 in: Broadwater, New South Wales

Died: 12-Jun-1959 in: Coraki, New South Wales

Walter George Balzer

Born: 01-Jun-1916 in: Paddington, New South Wales

Died: 03-Mar-1989 in: Brisbane, Queensland

Wallace Lionel Balzer

Born: 30-Sep-1918 in: Annandale (Sydney), New South Wales

Died: 30-Nov-1918 in: Annandale (Sydney), New South Wales

Joyce Mary Augusta Balzer (Washington)

Born: 21-Nov-1920 in: Liechardt (Sydney), New South Wales


Surname changed by Deed Poll to "Washington" in 1942.

William Henry Balzer

Born: 01-Oct-1922 in: Glebe (Sydney), New South Wales

Died: 12-Aug-1980 in: Sydney, New South Wales

Gerald Francis Balzer

Born: 22-Jun-1926 in: Blacktown (Sydney), New South Wales


Generation 10

Joyce Mary Augusta Balzer (Washington)  #892

Married: Jacobus Jan Francis van Waterschoot on: 08-Feb-1958 in: Brisbane, Queensland

Born: 02-Nov-1913 in: Amsterdam

Died: 01-Jan-1974 in: Brisbane, Australia


John Joseph van Waterschoot

Born: 16-Aug-1959 in: Brisbane, Australia

Anne Maria van Waterschoot

Born: 07-Oct-1961 in: Brisbane, Australia

Mary Alice van Waterschoot

Born: 02-Jul-1963 in: Brisbane, Australia

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