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Family Trees
- "Waterschoot, Andreas" from c:1600


Generation 1

Andreas Waterschoot

Married: Catharina Beelde


Maria Waterschoot

Born: 27-Apr-1608 in: Rupelmonde

Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 28-Aug-1610 in: Rupelmonde

Egidius Waterschoot

Born: 26-Dec-1612 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 14-Sep-1658 in: Rupelmonde

Jan Waterschoot

Born: 11-Apr-1615 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 23-Jun-1642 in: Rupelmonde

Andreas Waterschoot

Born: 28-May-1617 in: Rupelmonde

Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 26-Oct-1619 in: Rupelmonde

Anna Waterschoot

Born: 08-Sep-1623 in: Rupelmonde


Generation 2

Egidius Waterschoot

Married: Joanna Van Grimmingen


Petrus Waterschoot

Born: 17-Apr-1645 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 29-Sep-1704 in: Rupelmonde

Maria Waterschoot

Born: 18-Oct-1846 in: Rupelmonde

Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 11-Jun-1648 in: Rupelmonde

Jan Waterschoot

Born: 01-Jul-1649 in: Rupelmonde

Egidius Waterschoot

Born: 07-Nov-1652 in: Rupelmonde

Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 16-Aug-1653 in: Rupelmonde


Jan Waterschoot

Married: Maria Van Grimmingen on: 16-Jul-1639 in: Rupelmonde


Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 31-May-1640 in: Rupelmonde

Laurentius Waterschoot

Born: 02-Dec-1641 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 24-Mar-1668 in: Rupelmonde


Generation 3

Petrus Waterschoot

Married: Maria De Bont on: 29-Dec-1869 in: Rupelmonde

Married: Anna De Hont on: 14-Apr-1664 in: Rupelmonde


Anna Maria Waterschoot

Born: 01-Sep-1664 in: Rupelmonde

Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 07-Jan-1666 in: Rupelmonde

Paschasius Waterschoot

Born: 21-Jun-1667 in: Rupelmonde

Petrus Waterschoot

Born: 28-Apr-1669 in: Rupelmonde

Rutgerus (Gerardus) Waterschoot

Born: 25-Dec-1670 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 26-Aug-1731 in: Hoogeloon

Anna Waterschoot

Born: 12-Dec-1671 in: Rupelmonde

Jan Waterschoot

Born: 03-Oct-1672 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 24-Feb-1668 in: Rupelmonde

Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 10-Oct-1674 in: Rupelmonde

Egidius Waterschoot

Born: 21-Dec-1676 in: Rupelmonde

Agneta Waterschoot

Born: 02-Mar-1678 in: Rupelmonde

Clara Waterschoot

Born: 27-Feb-1680 in: Rupelmonde


Married: Jacobus Hendrickx on: 12-Oct-1714 in: Rupelmonde [fam206]

Judoca Waterschoot

Born: 08-Mar-1682 in: Rupelmonde

Antonius Waterschoot

Born: 13-Apr-1684 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 28-Aug-1765 in: Rupelmonde

Maria Anna Waterschoot

Born: 16-Aug-1686 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 10-Jul-1761 in: Rupelmonde


Generation 4

Rutgerus (Gerardus) Waterschoot

Married: Barbara Jacob Essens on: 09-Nov-1692 in: Oerle


Petrus Waterschoot

Born: 15-Nov-1693 in: Oerle / Wintelre

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 25-Jul-1697 in: Oerle / Wintelre

Died: 10-Oct-1761 in: Oirschot

Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 12-Jun-1701 in: Oerle / Wintelre

Died: 25-Dec-1702 in: Oerle / Wintelre

Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 07-Dec-1703 in: Oerle / Wintelre

Wilbrordus Waterschoot


10-Jul-1706 in: Oerle / Wintelre


Rutgerus (Gerardus) Waterschoot

Married: Jacoba (Jacomijn) van Cawenberghen on: 03-Mar-1709 in: Oerle


Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 07-Aug-1710 in: Bladel

Died: 04-Feb-1778 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: timmerman


Antonius Waterschoot

Married: Catharina Meuleman on: 29-Dec-1705 in: Rupelmonde


Antonius Waterschoot

Married: Francisca Rooms on: 24-Apr-1720 in: Rupelmonde


Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 09-Apr-1721 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 18-Apr-1721 in: Rupelmonde

Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 09-Apr-1721 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 17-May-1721 in: Rupelmonde

Jan Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 05-Jan-1725 in: Rupelmonde

Died: 22-Feb-1799 in: Rupelmonde


Generation 5

Joannes Paulus Waterschoot

Married: Maria Eliens 21-Apr-1732 in: Landorp (Hoogeloon)

Died: 28-Jul-1869 in: Hoogeloon


Gertruid Hendrica Waterschoot

Born: 03-Oct-1733 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 12-Jul-1783 in: Hoogeloon


Married: Petrus Jan Goosens 16-May-1768 in: Hoogeloon [ref: fam148]

Born: 02-Jan-1747 in: Hamme

Died: 1808

Son of: Johannis Goosens (1688-1758) & Johanna Hoeckx (+1759)


>  Joanna ... 01-May-1769

>  Petrus ... 08-Nov-1778

Erasmus Waterschoot

Born: 09-Dec-1735 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 19-Jan-1776 in: Arendonck

 Naamloos Waterschoot (un-named)

Born: 1738 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 12-Mar-1738 in: Hoogeloon

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 09-Mar-1739 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 13-Jan-1804 in: Hoogeloon

Maria Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 23-Feb-1742 in: Hoogeloon

Petronilla Waterschoot

Born: 07-Jul-1745 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 26-Apr-1764 in: Hoogeloon


Joannes Paulus Waterschoot

Married: Judoca Jaspaert on: 16-Mar-1756 in: Rupelmonde


Generation 6

Erasmus Waterschoot

Married: Joanna Brouwers on: 20-May-1759 in: Hoogeloon


Jacobus Waterschoot

Married: Johanna Catharina Willems on: 06-Nov-1786 in: Landorp (Hoogeloon)


Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 30-Mar-1770 in: Hoogeloon

Maria Waterschoot

Born: 28-May-1772 in: Hoogeloon


Married: Petrus Jansen on: 06-Feb-1802 in: Hoogeloon [Ref: fam152]

Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 12-Feb-1774 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 02-Apr-1833 in: Luijksgestel

Occupation: Landbouwer

Walterus Waterschoot

Born: 14-Oct-1775 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 13-Nov-1852 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Timmerman

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 10-Jan-1778 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 20-Apr-1803 in: Hoogeloon

Petronilla Waterschoot

Born: 25-Feb-1782 in: Hoogeloon


Married: Bartholemeus Smolders on: 15-Sep-1804 in: Hoogeloon [Ref: fam154]


Generation 7

Joannes Waterschoot

Married: Wilhelma van de Huygevoort on: 04-Oct-1791 in: Hoogeloon


Maria Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 03-Feb-1796 in: Hoogeloon


Married: Johannes Hendricus van den Boer on: 04-Feb-1825 in: Hoogeloon

[Ref: fam151]


Franciscus Waterschoot

Married: Elisabetha Vervest on: 27-Apr-1807 in: Hoogeloon


Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 10-May-1808 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 17-Jun-1881 in: Luijksgestel

Peternel Waterschoot

Born: 20-Mar-1810 in: Hoogeloon

Maria Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 17-Aug-1812 in: Hoogeloon

Johannes Waterschoot

Born: 19-Feb-1815 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 12-May-1842 in: Mascara

Johanna Maria Waterschoot

Born: 11-Aug-1820 in: Hoogeloon


Married: Jan Cortens [Ref: fam134]

Wouter Waterschoot

Born: 28-Mar-1825 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Bouwman

Hendrikus Waterschoot

Born: 15-Jun-1828 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 29-Dec-1900 in: Stratum

Occupation: Bouwman, Dagloner & Arbeider


Walterus Waterschoot

Married: Maria Jansen on: 01-May-1798 in: Hoogeloon


Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 08-Jun-1798 in: Hoogeloon

Maria Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 07-Jul-1799 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 05-Feb-1875 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Bouwvrouw


Married: Jacobus Peeters [Ref: fam187]

Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 19-Mar-1801 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 25-Mar-1802 in: Hoogeloon

Joanna Maria Waterschoot

Born: 01-Mar-1802 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 19-Mar-1802 in: Hoogeloon


Walterus Waterschoot

Married: Catharina van Hembergen on: 16-Jan-1808 in: Hoogeloon


Joannes Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 02-Jul-1808 in: Hoogeloon

Maria Waterschoot

Born: 28-Nov-1809 in: Hoogeloon

Adriaan Waterschoot

Born: 22-Mar-1811 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 30-Aug-1884 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Timmerman, Bouwman & Wagenmaker


Generation 8

Jacobus Waterschoot

Married: Doretea Schampers on: 24-Feb-1851 in: Luijksgestel


Johannes Waterschoot

Born: 05-Aug-1854 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 24-Aug-1943 in: Valkenswaard

Occupation: Landbouwer

Francis Waterschoot

Born: 14-Nov-1857 in: Luijksgestel

Wouter Waterschoot

Born: 02-May-1871 in: Luijksgestel

Occupation: Landbouwer


Wouter Waterschoot

Married: Elisabeth Sibben on: 29-Jan-1855 in: Luijksgestel


Wouter Waterschoot

Married: Maria Smolders on: 10-Aug-1868 in: Riethoven


Johannes Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 26-May-1869 in: Luijksgestel

Occupation: Dienstbode, Landbouwer

Wouter Waterschoot

Born: 20-May-1871 in: Luijksgestel

Occupation: Landbouwer

Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 09-Jan-1874 in: Luijksgestel


Married: Johannes Dames on: 07-Jul-1907 in: Woensel

Born: Leeuwardan

Son of: Carolus Phillipus Dames & Ijmkje Overdijk


Hendrikus Waterschoot

Married: Adriana van Gompel on: 16-Apr-1853 in: Bergeijk


Anna Maria Waterschoot

Born: 09-Mar-1854 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 18-Mar-1933 in: Eindhoben


Married: William Valkenburg [Ref: fam136]

Francina Waterschoot

Born: 21-Oct-1857 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 28-Feb-1936 in: Riethoven


Married: Johannes Verhoeven [Ref: fam137]

Maria Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 06-Dec-1859 in: Bergeijk

Died: 20-Feb-1944 in: Eindhoven


Married: Johannes Micheal Valkenaars before 1882

Born: 31-Dec-1852

Died: 13-Apr-1938


Married: Hendrick van den Akker on: 11-Oct-1888 [Ref: fam138]


>  Henrickus Franciscus van den Akker

Born: 16-Jan-1891 in: Stratum

Married: Johanna Maria Mandigers on: 15-Sep-1922 in: Eindhoven

Born: 28-Mar-1892 in: Stratum

Daughter of: Wilhelmus Augustinus Mandigers

& Francesca Maria van den Broek

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 16-Apr-1862 in: Bergeijk

Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 30-Mar-1865 in: Bergeijk

Died: 09-Dec-1886 in: Stratum

Peter Johannes Waterschoot

Born: 12-Oct-1867 in: Bergeijk

Died: 16-Jan-1907 in: Stratum

Occupation: Sigarenmaker

Rochus Hendrikus Waterschoot

Born: 16-Aug-1870 in: Bergeijk

Died: 21-Jun-1954 in: Eindhoven


Adriaan Waterschoot

Married: Willemijna Goossen on: 05-Sep-1834 in: Hoogeloon


Jan Baptist Waterschoot

Born: 01-Jan-1838 in: Arendonk

Peternella Waterschoot

Born: 30-Dec-1839 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 08-May-1873 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Landbouwster

Maria Catherina Waterschoot

Born: 22-Feb-1845 in: Hoogeloon

Francis Waterschoot

Born: 07-Jul-1848 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 27-Jun-1925 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Landbouwer

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 21-Nov-1851 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 27-Jul-1883 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Timmerman


Generation 9

Johannes Waterschoot

Married: Hendrica Heesters on: 31-Mar-1883 in: Luijksgestel


Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 12-Aug-1883 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 09-Nov-1966 in: Eindhoven


With: Anna Verhagen

Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 10-Oct-1884 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 23-Mar-1916 in: Borkel en Schaft


Married: Peters Willems [Ref: fam156]

Arnoldus Waterschoot

Born: 02-Apr-1886 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 14-Mar-1953 in: Utrecht


Married: Wilhelmina Versantvoort

Johannes Waterschoot

Born: 10-Dec-1887 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 04-May-1977 in: Eindhoven

Nicolaas Waterschoot

Born: 27-Jul-1890 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 20-Feb-1938 in: Eindhoven
Occupation: Zinkwerker, Zinkfabriek Budel

Dorothea Waterschoot

Born: 10-Aug-1892 in: Luijksgestel


Married: Franciscus Caers on: 13-Apr-1918 in: Luijksgestel [Ref: fam159]

Maria Waterschoot

Born: 17-Mar-1895 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 04-Jul-1938 in: Tilburg


Married: Adrianus Antonius van Strijp on: 06-Jul-1917 in: Zeelst [Ref: fam160]

Born: Heusden

Son of: Andreas Johanes van Strijp & Arnolda de laat

Allegonda Waterschoot

Born: 22-Sep-1897 in: Luijksgestel

Died: 08-Nov-1978 in: Eindhoven


Married: Gerardus Johannes Bakermans on: 29-Jul-1921 in: Eindhoven

Born: 17-Nov-1894 in: Eindhoven

Son of: Cornelis Bakermans & Petronella Garels [Ref: fam161]


Francis Waterschoot

Married: Johanna van Dooremalen on: 31-May-1895 in: Waalre


Jacobus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 22-Mar-1896 in: Amsterdam

Died: 13-Jun-1959 in: Eindhoven

Johanna Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 03-Oct-1897 in: Amsterdam

Occupation: Naaister

Arnoldus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 22-Mar-1899 in: Waalre

Dorothea Cornelia Waterschoot

Born: 30-Apr-1900 in: Waalre

Died: 23-Feb-1947 in: Waalre

Johannes Henricus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 16-Dec-1901 in: Waalre

Franciscus Cornelus Waterschoot

Born: 29-Mar-1903 in: Waalre

Anna Catharina Cornelia Waterschoot

Born: 06-Aug-1904 in: Waalre

Albertus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 22-Oct-1905 in: Waalre

Martinus Waterschoot  ... twin of Henricus

Born: 08-Mar-1907 in: Waalre

Died: 14-Mar-1907 in: Waalre

Henricus Waterschoot  ... twin of Martinus

Born: 08-Mar-1907 in: Waalre

Died: 15-Mar-1907 in: Waalre

Martina Henrica Waterschoot

Born: 08-May-1910 in: Waalre

Died: 30-Jan-1911 in: Waalre


Peter Johannes Waterschoot

Married: Adriana Sanders on: 27-Apr-1893 in: Stratum


Christianus Hendrikus Waterschoot

Born: 30-Sep-1895 in: Stratum

Died: 18-Nov-1966 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Documentalist

Allegonda Josephna Waterschoot

Born: 27-Jul-1898 in: Stratum


Married: Johannes Lambertus Beckers on: 10-Jun-1921 in: Eindhoven

Born: 17-Sep-1895 in: Gestel en Blaarthem

Son of: Nicolaas Hubertus Beckers & Maria Petronella van Gelooven

[Ref: fam132]


>  Nicolaas Beckers



Married: Nelly Maas on: 25-Jan-1950 in: Eindhoven


>  Jan Beckers

Henricus Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 29-Dec-1899 in: Stratum

Died: 12-May-1967 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Sigarensorteerder

Franciscus Antonius Waterschoot

Born: 09-Nov-1905 in: Stratum

Died: 07-Jan-1979 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Houtbewerker


Rochus Hendrikus Waterschoot

Married: Hendrika de Lauw on: 30-Jan-1896


Adrianna Joanna (Jans) Waterschoot

Born: 12-Nov-1896 in: Stratum

Died: 21-Dec-1986

Hendrikus Franciscus (Harrie) Waterschoot

Born: 01-Oct-1899 in: Stratum

Died: 10-Apr-1985 in: Nijmegen

Theodorus Henricus Waterschoot

Born: 28-Nov-1901 in: Stratum

Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 10-Jun-1904 in: Stratum

Died: 17-Jan-1932 in: Eindhoven

Petrus Johannes (Piet) Waterschoot

Born: 31-Mar-1906 in: Stratum


Francis Waterschoot

Married: Adriana Gooskens on: 15-Feb-1878 in: Hoogeloon


Adrianus Waterschoot

Born: 16-Jun-1880 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Landbouwer

Hendricus Waterschoot

Born: 23-Jun-1890 in: Hoogeloon


Jacobus Waterschoot

Married: Helena Maria Swalen on: 14-Feb-1873 in: Hoogeloon


Petronella Waterschoot

Born: 01-Apr-1881 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 25-Mar-1882 in: Hoogeloon


Generation 10

Johannes Waterschoot

With:  Hendrika Jansen


Leonardus Martinus Waterschoot

Born: 12-Mar-1919 in: Luijksgestel


Nicolaas Waterschoot

Married: Johanna Catherina Kuijpers on: 15-Sep-1907 in: Zeelst

Born: Zeelst

Daughter of: Lambertus Kuipers & Wilhelmina Copplemans


Maria Hendrika Wilhelmina Waterschoot

Born: 20-Nov-1911 in: Luijksgestel

Occupation: Taxichauffeuse


Married: Jan de Kort on: 28-Sep-1937 in: Veldhoven [Ref: fam162]

Wilhelmina Hendrika Waterschoot

Born: 13-Feb-1913 in: Luijksgestel


Married: Adrianus Antonius Huijbers [Ref: fam163]

Joanna Lamberta Waterschoot

Born: 15-Sep-1914 in: Aalst


Married: Fons Meulenbroeks on: 26-Jul-1940 in: Veldhoven [Ref: fam164]

Lambertus Waterschoot

Born: 06-Jan-1916 in: Aalst

Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 14-Dec-1917 in: Zeelst

Petronella Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 03-Sep-1919 in: Zeelst


Married: Frans van den Bliek [Ref: fam174]

Maria Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 05-Mar-1921 in: Zeelst

Died: 14-Jun-1984 in: Zeelst


Married: Hendrick van Lieshout in: Zeelst [Ref: fam175]

Maria Lamberta Waterschoot

Born: 08-Sep-1922 in: Zeelst

Died: 07-May-1954 in: 's Hertogenbosch


Married: Franciscus Marcus van Herwijnen [Ref: fam176]

Nicolazina Maria Waterschoot

Born: 10-Mar-1924 in: Veldhoven


Married: Hendricus Cornelis Vernerne on: 09-Jan-1948 in: Veldhoven [Ref: fam177]

Henricus Wilhelmus Waterschoot

Born: 08-Aug-1925 in: Veldhoven

Died: 23-Mar-1987 in: Veldhoven

Lutgarda Theresia Maria Waterschoot

Born: 11-Apr-1927 in: Veldhoven


Married: Wil van de Ven on: 18-Aug-154 in: Veldhoven [Ref: fam180]

Wilhelmus Henricus Waterschoot

Born: 27-Sep-1928 in: Veldoven

Died: 08-Oct-1928 in: Veldhoven

Johanna Maria Theresia Waterschoot

Born: 26-Nov-1929 in: Veldhoven


Marrieed: Harrie Liebrechts [Ref: fam181]

Wilhelmus Henricus Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 23-Apr-1931 in: Veldhoven

Dorothea Allegonda Maria Theresia Waterschoot

Born: 24-Nov-1932 in: Veldhoven

Died: 15-Dec-1932 in: Veldhoven

Dorothea Francisca Henrica Waterschoot

Born: 03-Nov-1936 in: Veldhoven


Married: Antoon Daniels [Ref: fam184]


Christian Hendrikus Waterschoot

Married: Wilhelmina van Mierlo on: 14-May-1919


Adriana Petronella Francisca Theodora Waterschoot

Born: 06-Apr-1920 in: Stratum

Died: 19-Apr-1987 in: Amsterdam

Occupation: Laboratory Assistant

Wilhelmina Allegonda Waterschoot

Born: 23-Jul-1922 in: Stratum

Occupation: Administratief Medewerkster


Married: Harm jan Witvoet on: 23-Aug-1951 in: Eindhoven [Ref: fam122]

Josephina Godefrida Waterschoot

Born: 19-Dec-1924 in: Stratum

Occupation: Winkelcheffin


Married: Marten Hekkema on: 29-May-1952 in: Rotterdam

Petrus Johannes Christianus Waterschoot

Born: 12-Jul-1927 in: Stratum

Occupation: Organisatie-Adviseur


Christian Hendrikus Waterschoot

Married: Joanna Elisabeth Maria Geven


 Maria Christina Isabella Petronella Waterschoot

Born: 10-Aug-1934 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Drogiste


Married: Jan Kuitert on: 27-Dec-1957 in: Eindhoven [Ref: fam124]


> Alex Jan ... Born: 19-Oct-1964 in: Valkenswaard


Henricus Franciscus Waterschoot

Married: Maria Cornelia Strijbosch on: 25-Sep-1904 in: Eindhoven


Hendrikus Gerardus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 30-Jul-1919 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Tool & Die Maker

Worked for Philips before moving to the United States

and Veeder-Root in Connecticut before retiring.

Petrus Hendrikus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 12-Oct-1927 in: Eindhoven

Adrianus Cornelis Gerardus Waterschoot

Born: 24-Dec-1933 in: Eindhoven

Johannes Cornelis Gerardus Waterschoot

Born: 02-Aug-1938 in: Eindhoven


Married: Bea Francisca Johanna Bell on: 29-May-1964 in: Eindhoven


Franciscus Antonius Waterschoot

Married: Michelina Cornelia Feijen on: 04-May-1931 in: Eindhoven


Petronella Josephina Waterschoot

Born: 28-Feb-1933 in: Geldorp

Petrus Adrianus Franciscus Maria Waterschoot

Born: 29-May-1943 in: Geldorp


Hendrikus Franciscus (Harrie) Waterschoot

Married: Theodora Maria te Riele on: 04-Apr-1928 in: Breda


Maria Elisabeth (Mieke) Waterschoot

Born: 30-Aug-1930 in: Buitenzorg (Bogor)


Married: Aart Ruitenberg

Franciscus Hendricus (Frans) Waterschoot

Born: 26-Aug-1933 in: Buitenzorg (Bogor)

Elisabeth Maria (Ellen) Waterschoot

Born: 09-Feb-1937 in: Batavia (Djakarta)


Married: Gerardus (Gerard) Wilhelmus Barendse


Petrus Johannes (Piet) Waterschoot

Married: G Hartman


Jan-Erik Waterschoot


Paul Waterschoot



Adrianus Waterschoot

Married: Maria Elisabeth van Beers


Adriana Petronella Waterschoot

Born: 11-Nov-1915 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 01-Aug-1986 in: Wintelre


Married: Adrianus van der Looij [Ref: fam162]

Petronella Adriana Waterschoot

Born: 07-Dec-1916 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Dienstmeid


Married: Antonius Roosen [Ref: fam193]

Franciscus Antonius Waterschoot

Born: 18-Dec-1917 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 19-Oct-1982 in: Hoogrloon

Wilhelmina Mathilda Waterschoot

Born: 09-Feb-1920 in: Hoogeloon

Occupation: Zuster van de Liefde in Tilburg as "Sister Marianne"

Elisabeth Maria Waterschoot

Born: 29-May-1921 in: Hoogeloon

Mathilda Godefrida Waterschoot

Born: 10-Aug-1922 in: Hoogeloon

Wilhelmus Petrus Waterschoot

Born: 15-Dec-1923 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 23-Jan-1975 in: Hoogeloon

Petrus Henricus Waterschoot

Born: 08-Oct-1926 in: Hoogeloon

Died: 01-Nov-1926 in: Hoogeloon

Anna Hendrica Waterschoot  (married her cousin Henricus Wilhemus)

Born: 21-Jun-1929 in: Hoogeloon

Henrica Maria Waterschoot

Born: in: Hoogeloon


Married: Johannes Cornelis Kouwenberg [Ref: fam195]


Hendricus Waterschoot

Married: <no name> Goudsmids


Piet Waterschoot

Died: 13-Dec-1993 in: Hoogeloon


Generation 11

Leonardus Martinus Waterschoot

With: Lena Grootjans


Hendrika Waterschoot

Born: 11-Sep-1943 in: Eindhoven


Moved to the United States of America in 1964

Cor Waterschoot

Born: 06-Mar-1945 in: Eindhoven

Annie Waterschoot

Born: 06-Aug-1947 in: Eindhoven

Karin Waterschoot

Born: 20-Sep-1954 in: Eindhoven


Lambertus Waterschoot

With: Mien van Hees in: Wintelre


Wilma Waterschoot


Married: Frank Aarts [Ref: fam166]

Adrie Waterschoot


Johan Waterschoot


Nico Waterschoot


Peer Waterschoot



Joannes Waterschoot

With: Marie Korsten


Ria Waterschoot


Married: Sjak van der Zanden [Ref: fam173]

Mien Waterschoot


Married: Frans Kennis [Ref: fam170]

Kees Waterschoot

Occupation: Sociaal Werker

Nico Waterschoot

Occupation: Politie Agent


With: Trudie Maatje

Hannie Waterschoot


Married: Harrie Swinkels [Ref: fam172]

Sjan Waterschoot


Married: Gerard Heestebeek [Ref: fam171]


Henricus Wilhelmus Waterschoot

Married: Anna Hendrica Waterschoot on: 21-Jun-1959 in: Hoogeloon


Maria Waterschoot

Born: 31-Dec-1961 in: Veldhoven

Occupation: Verkoopster Boekhandel Frencken


Married: Robert van der Meirden on: 20-Oct-1995 in: Veldhoven [Ref: fam173]

Hannie Waterschoot

Born: 16-Apr-1963 in: Veldhoven

Occupation: Finacieel Administratice Catharina Ziekenhuis

Nico Waterschoot

Born: 04-Jan-1965 in: Veldhoven

Occupation: Landbouwer


Married: Irma Derks on: 26-Aug-1995 in: Veldhoven

Rian Waterschoot

Born: 30-Mar-1966 in: Veldhoven

Occupation: Medewerkster Albert Heijn (supermarket)


Married: Maarten van de Velden on: 27-Sep-1996 in: Veldhoven [Ref: fam179]


Wilhelmus Henricus Waterschoot

Married: Berta de Lepper


Bertie Waterschoot


Walter Waterschoot


Nico Waterschoot


Nicolien Waterschoot


Married: Wout Koop [Ref: fam183]

Marjo Waterschoot



Petrus Johannes Christianus Waterschoot

Married: Elisabeth Maria Johanna van den Berg on: 02-May-1952 in: Eindhoven


Henricus Christianus Petrus (Harry) Waterschoot

Born: 03-Nov-1953 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Informaticus

Contact: E-mail

Petrus Wilhelmus Maria Waterschoot

Born: 13-Jul-1956 in: Leiden

Occupation: Machinebankwerker

Elisabeth Adriana Johanna Waterschoot

Born: 11-Jul-1964 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: Administratief Medewerkster


Married: Arno van der Linden on: 11-Ju-1986 in: Eindhoven


Hendrikus Gerardus Cornelis Waterschoot

Married: Pauline Waterreus on: 04-May-1955 in: Eindhoven


Hendrie Waterschoot

Born: 06-Oct-1956 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: MSMA

Programs computers for Insurance Companies

Yvonne Maria Cornelia Waterschoot Loudis

Born: 25-Oct-1957 in: Eindhoven

Occupation: CPA

Contact: E-mail


Married: Michael Joseph Loudis on: 02-Aug-1986 in: Windsor Locks [Ref: fam81]


> Maria Patrice ... Born: 28-Dec-1990 in: Syracuse, New York, USofA

Edwin Maria Gerardus Waterschoot

Born: 14-Dec-1958 in: Hartford

Occupation: Sonar Engineer at Lockheed Martin

Woodworker and Master Craftsman in every sense of the word.

Has a basement full of woodworking tools and Home-Brew beer making equipment.


Married: Susan Eileen Arnold on: 25-Jun-1983 in: Dewitt

Mary-Ann Waterschoot

Born: 10-Jun-1964

Occupation: Bookkeeper


Petrus Hendrikus Cornelis Waterschoot

Married: Hilda Maria Roeken on: 28-May-1953 in: Bussum


Hugo Gerardus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 23-May-1955 in: Huizen


Married: Astrid Boonstra on: 15-Sep-1980 in: Bussum

Johanna Maria Gerarda Waterschoot

Born: 17-Sep-1956 in: Huizen

Rudolf Gerardus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 17-Aug-1958 in: Huizen

Josefine Maria Gerarda Waterschoot

Born: 29-May-1961 in: Huizen

Arthur Cornelis Gerardus Waterschoot

Born: 17-Nov-1965


Adrianus Cornelis Gerardus Waterschoot

Married: Maria Johanna Theresia Beelen on: 20-Nov-1958 in: Eindhoven


Maria Wilhelmina Cornelia Waterschoot

Born: 28-Sep-1960 in: Eindhoven


Married: Robertus Antonius van den Dungen on:14-Oct-1981 in: Eindhoven

[Ref: fam130]

Henricus Jacobus Cornelis Waterschoot

Born: 31-May-1963 in: Eindhoven


Married: Monique Elisabeth Joanna Maria van Gerven on: 11-Sep-1987 in: Veldhoven


Petrus Adrianus Franciscus Maria Waterschoot

Married: Maria Wilhelmina Lucia van Zitteren on: 17-Dec-1968


Robertus Franciscus Hermanus Waterschoot

Born: 25-Oct-1970

Stefan Petrus Adrianus Waterschoot

Born: 05-Apr-1973


Wilhelmus Petrus Waterschoot

Married: Rieka van Breugel


Mieke Waterschoot


Ad Waterschoot


Til Waterschoot


Thea Waterschoot


Marian Waterschoot


Nellie Waterschoot



Piet Waterschoot

Married: Clasien Hagemans


Frans Waterschoot


Piet Waterschoot


Janus Waterschoot


Koos Waterschoot


Wim Waterschoot


Jaan Waterschoot



Generation 12

Cor Waterschoot

With: Mia Veraart


Daniele Waterschoot

Born: 05-Jun-1973

Anette Waterschoot

Born: 11-Jun-1977


Henricus Christianus Petrus Waterschoot

Married: Yvonne Barbara Breukers on: 19-Dec-1975 in: Eindhoven


Bart Waterschoot

Born: 18-Sep-1978 in: Eindhoven

Eric Waterschoot

Born: 08-Feb-1980 in: Eindhoven

Eveline Susanne Waterschoot

Born: 01-Sep-1983 in: Eindhoven


Petrus Wilhelmus Maria Waterschoot

Married: Marion Spaan on: 15-May-1981 in: Eindhoven


Sandra Waterschoot

Born: 16-Oct-1982 in: Eindhoven

Dennis Waterschoot

Born: 23-Aug-1984 in: Eindhoven


Rudolf Gerardus Cornelis Waterschoot

Married: Carolijn Johanna Henrica Maria Bouwman on: 09-Jun-1989 in: Oisterwijkk


Karin Waterschoot

Born: 16-Jul-1990 in: Breda

Noortje Suzanne Waterschoot

Born: 27-Oct-1991 in: Oisterwijk



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