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Family Trees
- "Waterschoot, Jakob" from c:1640


Generation 1

- The Beginning

Jakob Waterschoot  #1

Married: Maria Keysers


Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 11-Jun-1643 in: Zele

Petrus Waterschoot

Born: 30-Sep-1645 in: Zele

Maria Waterschoot

Born: 03-Feb-1648 in: Zele

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 16-Sep-1654 in: Zele


Paulus Waterschoot

Born: 29-Oct-1656 in: Zele

Jakob (Joannes) Waterschoot

Born: 12-Feb-1660 in: Zele

Died: 25-Apr-1711 in: Zele


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Generation 2

- from Jakob & Maria Keysers

Jacobus Waterschoot  #6

Married: Anna Slabbaerts


Maria Waterschoots

Born: 27-Dec-1685 in: Zele

Catharina Waterschoots

Born: 19-Feb-1688 in: Zele

Adriana Waterschoots

Born: 25-Sep-1690 in: Zele


Married: Egidius Nelis (b.1690)


>  Jacobus ... 1717

>  Anna Catharina ... 1718

>  Petronella Joanna ... 1719

>  Joannes Baptista ... 1721

>  Maria Theresia ... 1723

>  Theresia ... 1724

>  Ambrosius Nillis ... 1727

>  Maria Judoca ... 1731

>  Andreas ... 1733

Paulus Waterschoot

Born: 19-Feb-1688 in: Zele

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Paulus Waterschoot  #7

Married: Elisabeth Eekmans (Eeckmans) on: 12-Jan-1683 in: Zele


Joannes Waterschoots

Born: 28-Oct-1683 in: Zele

Joanna Catharina van Waterschoot

Born: 28-Mar-1687 in: Zele

Elisabeth Waterschoots

Born: 21-Dec-1690 in: Zele

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Jakob (Joannes) Waterschoot  #8

Married: Amelberga Thomas on: 04-Feb-1700 in: Hamme

Born: 21-Jan-1667 in: Hamme

Died: 09-Oct-1719 in: Hamme

Daughter of: Philippus Thoam (1631-1693) & Joanna Andreis (1635-?)


Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 04-Dec-1700 in: Hamme

Died: 03-Jul-1779 in: Hamme

Petrus Waterschoot

Born: About 1711 in: Hamme  (could be 1706 - lnk above to Jakob suggests this)

Died: 06-Oct-1778 in: Hamme

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Generation 3

- from Paulus & Elisabeth Eekmans

Joannes Waterschoots #25

Married: Catharina de Bondt


Paulus Waterschoot

Born: 27-May-1709 in: Zele

Died: 16-Jun-1795

Josephus (Joseph) Waterschoot

Born: 06-Apr-1711 in: Zele

Elisabeth Jacoba Waterschoot

Born: 07-Sep-1713 in: Zele


Married: Petrus Franciscus on: 15-Sep-1737 in: Zele

Anna Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 28-Feb-1715 in: Zele

Died: 17-Mar-1715

Joanna Maria Waterschoot

Born: 18-Mar-1716 in: Zele

Died: 23-Mar-1716

Anna Catharina Waterschoodt

Born: 11-Jun-1721 in: Zele

Joanna Waterschoot

Born: 23-Aug-1726 in: Zele

Isabella Genoveva Waterschoot

Born: 07-Jan-1730 in: Zele

Maria Agnes Waterschoot

Born: 12-Jan-1731 in: Zele

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Generation 3

- from Jakob & Amelberga Thomas

Petrus Waterschoot  #30

Married: Anna Colman on: 05-May-1735 in: Hamme

Born: 31-Jan-1711 in: Hamme

Died: 23-Sep-1774 in: Hamme (link suggest 1784)

Daughter of: Judocus Colman (1674-1746) & Maria Cornet (1672-1743)


Bernardus Waterschoot

Born: 02-Feb-1736 in: Hamme

Died: 15-Feb-1799 in: Hamme

Joannes Baptista Waterschoot

Born: 09-Feb-1737 in: Hamme

Died: 19-Apr-1809 in: Hamme

Augustus Waterschoot

Born: 29-Nov-1738 in: Hamme

Died: 26-Dec-1817 in: Hamme

Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 30-Jul-1741 in: Hamme

Died: 28-May-1743 in: Hamme

Anna Francisca Waterschoot

Born: 11-Aug-1743 in: Hamme

Died: 14-Jan-1745 in: Hamme

Petrus Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 28-Sep-1744 in: Hamme

Died: 12-Jan-1745 in: Hamme

Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 24-Oct-1745 in: Hamme

Died: 09-May-1834 in: Hamme

 Anna Francisca Waterschoot

Born: 07-Apr-1749 in: Hamme

Petrus Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 22-May-1751 in: Hamme

Died: 11-Feb-1833 in: Hamme

Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 06-Jul-1754 in: Hamme

Died: 28-Mar-1815 in: Hamme

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Generation 4

- from Joannes & Catharine de Bondt

Paulus Waterschoot

Married: Joanna Catharina Borms (Burm) on: 18-Aug-1739 in: Zele


Joanna Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 24-Dec-1740 in: Zele

Died: 14-Jan-1746

Joannes Paulus Waterschoot

Born: 04-Dec-1742 in: Zele

Maria Francisca Waterschoot

Born: 10-Oct-1744 in: Zele

Died: 23-Jan-1746

Petrus Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 14-Apr-1746 in: Zele

Died: 26-Jun-1747

Judocus Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 28-Jul-1747 in: Zele

Died: 10-Aug-1747

Jacobus Waterschoot

Born: 18-Jul-1748 in: Zele

Died: 01-Apr-1753

Marcellus Waterschoot

Born: 26-Jun-1750 in: Zele

Died: 30-Aug-1750

Petrus Bernard Waterschoot

Born: 20-Aug-1751 in: Zele

Died: 20-May-1752

Petrus Bernardus Waterschoot

Born: 27-Aug-1752 in: Zele

Died: 26-Apr-1753

Maria Jacoba Waterschoot

Born: 24-Dec-1753 in: Zele

Died: 25-Dec-1788

Anna Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 28-Jan-1755 in: Zele

Died: 11-May-1758

Josephis Waterschoot

Born: 11-Mar-1756 in: Zele

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Generation 4

- from Petrus & Anna Colman

Bernardus Waterschoot  #45

Married: Monica Rubbens on: 24-May-1769 in: Hamme

Born: 03-Mar-1746 in: Hamme

Died: 06-Sep-1819 in: Hamme

Daughter of: Petrus Rubbens (1713-1768) & Anna Maria Verbeke (1713-1776)


Petrus Joannes Waterschoot

Born: 15-Mar-1770 in: Hamme

Died: 14-Jun-1794 in: Hamme

Joannes Baptist Waterschoot

Born: 12-Apr-1771 in: Hamme

Died: 13-Oct-1833 in: Hamme

Occupation: Dagwerker (Day worker)

Dominicus Waterschoot

Born: 18-Sep-1772 in: Hamme

Died: 12-Jun-1833 in: Hamme


Married: Maria Judoca van Onderbergen on: 29-Jun-1803 in: Hamme

Born: 06-Jan-1764 in: Hamme

Died: 24-Sep-1842 in: Hamme

Daughter of: Petrus van Onderbergen (1727-1805)

                  & Anna Francisca Fierens (1740-1812)

Widow of Unknown Segers with 5 children between 1795 & 1801


>  Maria Joanna

Born: 07-Aug-1804 in: Hamme

Died: 08-Mar-1900 in: Hamme

Married: Petrus Joannes De Wael on 16-Apr-1828 in: Hamme

              14 children between 1828 & 1846

>  Philippus Jacobus (1807-1807)

Born: 27-Feb-1807 in: Hamme

Died: 21-Mar-1807 in: Hamme

Franciscus Augustinus Waterschoot

Born: 07-Dec-1774 in: Hamme

Died: 16-Apr-1820 in: Hamme

Joanna Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 29-Jun-1777 in: Hamme

Died:02-Jan-1853 in: Hamme

Amandus Waterschoot

Born: 05-Oct-1778 in: Hamme

Died: 23-Nov-1779 in: Hamme

Amandus Waterschoot

Born: 21-Nov-1780 in: Hamme

Died: 21-Nov-1864 in: Hamme

Martinus Waterschoot

Born: 21-Sep-1782 in: Hamme

Dorothea Waterschoot

Born: 12-Feb-1784 in: Hamme

Died: 27-Jul-1833 in: Hamme

Anna Maria Waterschoot

Born: 16-May-1786 in: Hamme

Died: 11-Oct-1860 in: Hamme

Paulus Benedictus Waterschoot

Born: 20-Aug-1787 in: Hamme

Seraphinus Waterschoot

Born: 11-Dec-1789 in: Hamme

Died: 05-Sep-1822 in: Hamme

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Generation 4

- from Petrus & Anna Colman

Petrus Franciscus Waterschoot  #53

Married: Unknown


Isabella Bernarda Waterschoot

Born: 01-May-1783 in: Hamme

Died: 12-Jun-1784 in: Hamme

< Unknown >

Born: 10-Jul-1784 in: Hamme

Died: 10-Jul-1784 in: Hamme


Petrus Franciscus Waterschoot #53b

Married: Anna Maria Catharina Ysewyn (Ijsewijn) on: 27-Feb-1808 in: Moerzeke

Born: 23-Jan-1785 in: Moerzeke

Died: 29-Jul-1862 in: Hamme

Daughter of: Daniel Ijsewijn (1731-1811) & Anna Petronella Peelman (1742-1807)


Amelia Waterschoot

Born: 06-Aug-1810 in: Hamme

Died: 08-Feb-1811 in: Hamme

Barbara Waterschoot

Born: 06-Nov-1812 in: Hamme

Died: 05-Dec-1877 in: Hamme


Married: Seraphinus Danijs (1809-1881) on: 08-May-1839 in: Hamme


>  Ludovicus ... 1839-1892

>  Desiderius ... 1841

>  Franciscus ... 1843-1910

>  Carolus Ludovicus ... 1845-1847

>  Maria Josepha ... 1847

>  Alphonsus ... 1849

>  Ludovica ... 1851

>  Joanna ... 1855

>  Petrus Joannes ... 1857

Joannes Baptist Waterschoot

Born: 26-Sep-1814 in: Hamme

Died: 24-Sep-1816 in: Hamme

Amelberga Waterschoot

Born: 06-Nov-1815 in: Hamme

Died: 02-Jun-1816 in: Hamme

Sebastianus Waterschoot

Born: 20-Jan-1817 in: Hamme

Died: 29-Jul-1877 in: Hamme

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Generation 5

- from Paulus & Joanna Catharina Borms

Joannes Paulus Waterschoot #53

Married: Maria Josepha le Brun


Petrus Josephus Waterschoot

Born: 31-Dec-1780 in: Zele

Maria Judoca Waterschoot

Born: 29-Jul-1783 in: Zele

Died: 05-Aug-1821

Joannes Baptist Waterschoot

Born: 01-Sep-1785 in: Zele

Died: 03-Oct-1859


Married: Clara Jacoba D'Hollander on: 13-Nov-1833 in: Zele

Petrus Carolus Waterschoot

Born: 30-Dec-1787 in: Zele

Emmanuel Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 22-May-1790 in: Zele

Died: 11-Nov-1844

Sophia Benedicta Waterschoot

Born: 17-Jan-1793 in: Zele

Died: 15-Dec-1859


Married: Andres Casimirus Rossells on: 30-Apr-1841 in: Zele

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Generation 6

- from Joannes Paulus & Maria Josepha le Brun

Petrus Carolus Waterschoot #116

Married: Rosalie Craey on: 12-Jul-1804 in: Zele


Petrus Carolus Waterschoot #116b

Married: Joanna Catharina de Wilde on: 07-Oct-1812 in: Zele


Richard Waterschoot

Born: 27-May-1810 in: Zele

Died: 15-Jul-1857


Married: Adelaide de Bock on: 31-Jan-1838 in: Zele

Married: Maria Joanna Roels on: 13-Jan-1842

Leonard Joseph Waterschoot

Born: 04-May-1813 in: Zele

Died: 22-Oct-1855


Married: Maria Josephina de Beule on: 26-Sep-1838

Carolus Alexander Waterschoot

Born: 29-Jul-1815 in: Zele

Ludovicus Waterschoot

Born: 03-Oct-1817 in: Zele

Died 05-Feb-1905

Natalia Waterschoot

Born: 31-Jul-1819 in: Zele

Died: 03-Mar-1890


Married: Henricus Heirwegh on: 08-Jul-1848 in: Zele

Judith Waterschoot

Born: 14-Aug-1821 in: Zele

Died: 20-Nov-1848

Eugenius Anacletus Waterschoot

Born: 13-Jul-1824 in: Zele

Died: 24-Oct-1827

Eugenius Adolphus Waterschoot

Born: 18-Oct-1825 in: Zele

Died: 13-May-1885

Joanna Benedicta Waterschoot

Born: 06-Jan-1827 in: Zele

Died: 13-Jan-1827

Delphina Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 09-Jan-1830 in: Zele

Died: 17-Jan-1830

Theodorus Waterschoot

Born: 24-May-1831 in: Zele

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Generation 6

- from Joannes Paulus & Maria Josepha le Brun

Emmanuel Franciscus Waterschoot #117

Married: Joanna Benedicta de Pauw on: 08-Jun-1818 in: Zele


Maria Cecilia Waterschoot

Born: 09-Jan-1821 in: Zele

Maria Antonia Waterschoot

Born: 29-Apr-1822 in: Zele

Hippolitus Alexander Waterschoot

Born: 29-Oct-1824 in: Zele

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Generation 7

- from Petrus Carolus & Joanna Catharina de Wilde

Carolus Alexander Waterschoot  #124

Married: Carolina de Bock (Boeck) on: 06-May-1841

Also referred to as Charles Alexandra on Birth Certificate of Petronille.


Rosalie Waterschoot

Born: 08-Mar-1846 in: Molenbeek


Married: Emmanuel Felix Kiekens on: 22-Jun-1878 in: Molenbeek

Elisabeth Waterschoot

Born: 01-Oct-1848 in: Molenbeek

Died: 03-Apr-1876


Married: Jean Ursule Macabiau on: 06-Jun-1874 in: Molenbook

Petronille Catharina Waterschoot

Born: 04-Mar-1857 in: Molenbeek


Married: Jean Francois Schots on: 28-Dec-1878 in: Molenbeek

Jeanne Mathilde Waterschoot

Born: 07-May-1859 in: Molenbeek

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Generation 7

- from Petrus Carolus & Joanna Catharina de Wilde

Ludovicus Waterschoot #125

Married: Amelia van der Bergen

Philogenius Theodorus Waterschoot

Born: 02-Aug-1851 in: Zele

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Eugenius Adolphus Waterschoot #129

Married: Nathalia Heirman


Philogenius Theodorus Waterschoot

Born: 08-Apr-1850 in: Zele


Married: Karel Lodewijk de Dier on: 04-May-1872 in: Zele

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Generation 7

- from Petrus Carolus & Joanna Catharina de Wilde

Theodorus Waterschoot  #132

Married: Maria Joseph Vermeulen on: 30-Jul-1854 in: Zele


Basilia Waterschoot

Born: 23-May-1855 in: Zele

Died: 01-Mar-1858

Petrus Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 22-Feb-1857 in: Zele


Pierre Francois ?

Maria Waterschoot

Born: 10-Jan-1859 in: Zele

Died: 30-Dec-1944

Karel Lodewijk Waterschoot

Born: 07-Dec-1860 in: Zele

Died: 16-Jun-1863

Judith Waterschoot

Born: 22-Mar-1863 in: Zele

Died: 28-Aug-1896


Married: Albrecht Vitale van Weddingen on: 20-Apr-1891 in: Brussels

Amelia Waterschoot

Born: 02-Apr-1865 in: Zele

Died: 10-Apr-1942


Married: Gustave Poppe on: 19-Feb-1887 in: Zele

Andreas Waterschoot

Born: 08-Jan-1867 in: Zele

Henricus Waterschoot

Born: 16-Nov-1868 in: Zele

Died: 14-Mar-1947


Married: Marie Virginia Meus on: 28-Mar-1892 in: Brussels

Joannes Franciscus Waterschoot

Born: 05-Dec-1871 in: Zele

Died: 21-Nov-1935

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Generation 8

- from Ludovicus & Amelia van der Bergen

Philogenius Theodorus Waterschoot  #146

Married: Delphine de Wilde on: 28-Jun-1879 in: Zele


Augusta Waterschoot

Born: 24-Aug-1883 in: Zele

Died: 08-Jun-1967

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Generation 8

- from Ludovicus & Amelia van der Bergen

Petrus Franciscus Waterschoot #152

Married: Marie Leontine de Wilde


Maria Augusta Waterschoot

Born: 16-Aug-1883 in: Zele

Rene Henri Waterschoot

Born: 23-Jun-1889 in: Zele

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Generation 9

- Note: This does not link above.

Placide Waterschoot

Married: Pauline Verholen


Reinhilde Waterschoot

Born: About 1918

Gustaaf Waterschoot

Born: About 1919

Charles Waterschoot

Born: About 1920


Generation 10

Charles Waterschoot

Married: A. Van Den Bosche


Tony Waterschoot

Born: About 1945

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Generation 11

Tony Waterschoot

Married: Rita Simoen


Johnny Waterschoot

Born: 08-Dec-1971 in: Hamme

Only Child

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